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We’d been planning a trip to Exmoor as we’d never really been there but the day dawned, dank, grey and miserable and by the time we’d eaten breakfast there was heavy drizzle falling. Time for a change of plan


We headed to Watersmeet, a series of small waterfalls in a deep wooded valley where the  East Lyn and Hoaroak Water rivers meet – hence the name


I figured down in the depths of the valley and the woods we might get some shelter from the rain and that proved correct


It was pretty dank and dark down there but we enjoyed a nice stroll along one bank and back along the other.


There were some lovely cascades and pools that would have been good for a swim on a more encouraging day



The light was pretty poor though so the photographs didn’t come out too well


We headed into Lynmouth for a spot of lunch (crab salad for me and TJF, cream teas for TBF and TJS). It actually stopped raining and we took a wander about



The longest water powered cliff railway in the UK (possibly the only one!)


And an interesting tower on the harbour wall that made a nice photo subject



We wanted to explore the coast a bit and headed for the Valley of Rocks. I used to love it here when I was a kid. The rocky pinnacles overlooking the coast always seemed so dramatic and exciting (in the days before I discovered mountain walking). We parked up in an utterly miserable spell of heavy drizzle but I spied a bright line on the horizon and we waited for the rain to stop which it duly did


We took an excellent walk around the various features. This is looking back to Rugged Jack


And this is the coastal view from the top of Castle Rock


It looked bright and sunny over south Wales which we hoped was heading our way but it never really arrived (although we’d seen the last of the rain)





Looking back to Castle Rock


There is a walkway that traverses along the seaward side of the rocky ridge and you can climb to the top and scramble along if so inclined




As we’d left TJF in the car we thought we’d better head back and make sure she still had a phone signal to avert any boredom!


The resident goats


And the view of the Valley and the Rocks


We still had a more time to fill so we drove on a mile our so for another walk to a “secret” beach from my Wild guides.


This is Lee Bay where we started from and it proved to be a longer and more strenuous walk than we’d thought


We were heading for this magnificent beach near Crock Point. You had to scramble through an overgrown tunnel through the hedge and descend a slope that had ropes fixed such was the steepness (the book had warned us of this)



It really was steep and near the bottom, even with ropes it felt very loose and exposed so even I decided it was too risky. The photo below shows the ropes but doesn’t really do justice to how steep it was


The views were excellent though and I enjoyed a little bit of adventure to finish the day


When we returned to the campsite there was a Fish and Chip van on site and very good it was too


The sun finally came out and gave us a wonderful sunset


I took a very fine walk around the site and the local fields to enjoy the show



Always good to end a day by the coast with a grand sunset


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  1. That looks quite spectacular, your photos came out just fine.


    Brenda-Dawn Linney
  2. I have to say I’ve neglected north Devon completely. I seem to remember back in my teens heading to the high point on Exmoor and I’ve been around Barnstaple and Croyde a fair bit but that’s about it. Poor effort on my behalf


  3. That brought back a lot of memories. Places I know well and visited many times decades ago. Devon, Dorset and Cornwall are still lovely coastlines- despite the increased tourist numbers and parking issues since then.


    • They really need to do something bout the parking charges though. £8 in most places if you stay for an hour or a day. Normally involves various strategies to try and avoid paying. Still, it is rather nice down here! 🙂


  4. Perhaps a dreary day, but for me, there was so much beauty on the trails you followed. Hot chips and molten sunset made a perfect finale.


    • It was really grim weather first thing but a pretty good day in the end. Fish and Chip supper always delivers. I remember being really pleased that the Fish and Chip places in Queensland were awesome when we visited


  5. Blimey, the trip down to the secret beach looks a bit too exciting! More lovely coastal views – I don’t know Exmoor well at all. So many places to visit!



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