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Happy Birthday to TBF and what better way to celebrate than a trip to Ilfracombe – doesn’t everyone do that?


I must have been here a few times in my youth but I don’t recall it that much but it’s rather splendid. It has some nice views along the coast, an interesting harbour, beaches and nice walks


It also now has a Damien Hirst sculpture overlooking the harbour. Its called “Verity”


Description from his website:

“Verity is an allegory for truth and justice. Her stance is taken from Edgar Degas’s ‘Little Dancer of Fourteen Years’ (c. 1881). An anatomical cross- section of her head and torso reveal her skull and the developing foetus inside her womb.

Verity stands on a base of scattered legal books and holds the traditional symbols of Justice – a sword and scales. Representing truth, her scales are hidden and off-balance behind her back, whilst her sword is held confidently in her upstretched arm.

She was fabricated in bronze in over 40 individual sand castings at Pangolin Editions foundry, in Gloucestershire. Her phosphor-bronze surface is 20 millimetres thick and her internal support structure is a single piece of stainless steel. The sculpture is weather and lightning-proof and underwent extensive wind-tunnel-testing to ensure her capability of withstanding the force of high winds and sea spray. After two years of planning and production, Verity arrived in Ilfracombe in three parts in October 2012. After a week’s assembly on site, the sculpture was hoisted into final position using a 250 tonne crane.”


As with most Damien Hirst work, its very odd but an arresting and interesting sight


We scoffed a pasty and crab sandwich lunch sitting on the harbour wall, watched a mock lifeboat rescue in the harbour and walked up to the Chapel of St Nicholas that overlooks the harbour




There is a fine coastal walkway on the seaward side of Capstone Hill





Finishing off our visit with a climb up Capstone Hill itself for more fine views




It was actually pretty hot and sunny by the time we left so we swiftly headed to the beach for more kayaking and body boarding. It turned out to be some of the best surf for many years and we both (TBF and me) had a cracking afternoon. When we were back at the campsite the Waverley Steam Ship ploughed past for us


To finish off the birthday treats we went back to Ilfracombe for a seafood supper at the excellent Espresso Seafood bar. TJF had her first taste of Lobster which she was very pleased about and the rest of us shared a number of seafood small plates. It was all delicious.

A couple of pictures of the two ladies in my life, the two Funsters



Hopefully TBF will agree that was a pretty good birthday


Sun, sea and seafood (Ilfracombe doesn’t begin with an “S” unfortunately)


10 responses to “North Devon – Ilfracombe

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  1. I’d love to go to Ifracombe for my birthday (however it would be a much longer journey) 🙂


  2. A lovely area, mind, it can get busy.


    Brenda-Dawn Linney
    • The end of the August Bank Holiday was a great time to go. The weather over the BH weekend had been poor so many people had gone home early. There were enough people about to give the place a bit of a buzz but not so busy as to make it overcrowded


  3. Great place. Not changed that much I see. Always wanted to visit Lundy from there but wrong time of year for settled weather and sailing trips.


  4. Ilfracombe seems a wonderful spot to spend a birthday. Delightful seaside views. ‘Verity’ hovering over the bay is quite exceptional and unique. I wonder how much she cost.


    • We had a really nice day out and it’s a very pleasant town. The sculpture is very odd. Damien Hirst is really well known in the UK and his work is all pretty weird. His most famous work is a cow cut completely in half and preserved in a glass case!


  5. I know that I have definitely been to Ilfracombe, but my memory seems to have expunged any images, it doesn’t look familiar at all. I’d happily go there for my Birthday, but perhaps not just for a weekend.TJF is developing expensive tastes! What next caviar and truffles in a saffron sauce? Damien Hirst could no doubt afford it.


    • Well we definitely went to Ilfracombe with you on that trip many years back but in truth I don’t remember it that well either. I’m still feeling the pain from the open wallet surgery too pay for the Lobster but it was very nice


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