North Devon – A Bit of Walking, a Bit of Surfing   14 comments


We left TJF behind to chill at the camper while me, TBF and TJS went for a walk along the coast. We wanted to take a trip to Lundy but the only available sailing was this, our last day and it was only a short stop on the island. By way of compensation we saw the island ferry sailing by as we walked down to the coast path



Lee Bay (not the same one as we visited the day before) is the first spot we came to


Next was the rollercoaster of steep ups and downs that characterises coastal walking



It was a slightly overcast day but warm and still with dramatic coastal views to distant horizons



Jagged cliffs and rocky bays were the order of the day



Turning south at the Bull Point lighthouse


Perhaps a trip to Lundy should have been the order of the day. It was bathed in sunshine most of the day


We were heading for Morte Point in the distance but as lunchtime was approaching and we’d left TJF to her own devices we called a halt at a bench overlooking Rockham Bay and beach before heading back


A view across to a now almost deserted North Morte Farm campsite




The sun came out as we walked across the heathland back to Mortehoe and the campsite.


It’s a lovely place to stroll especially as the summer crowds had now largely gone


After lunch at the camper we headed back to Woolacombe Beach for some more surfing


The sun came out and it was exceptionally warm but the waves were nothing like as good as they had been a couple of days earlier


I still had plenty of fun in the kayak. A few photos taken from the boat



And our little weekend was over. Rather than waste a day packing up and driving home we had a rushed pack down and tea and headed home late to miss the traffic



Another superb sunset to finish off a splendid long weekend away

14 responses to “North Devon – A Bit of Walking, a Bit of Surfing

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  1. Coastal hiking does have it’s steep ups and downs! Beautiful lush green country. You were smart to delay your departure from the campsite.


  2. I remember doing a couple of hours walking the North Cornwall coast with the temperatures in the mid twenties. The constant ups and downs were exhausting. In some ways a lot more tiring than a straight up mountain walk. The scenery reminded me of that trip.


    • There are some parts of the SW coast that are seriously hard work. We did a section near Port Gaverne last year and managed to clock up over 2000 feet of ascent in half a day. There are some truly spectacular stretches down there and this walk is one of the best sections IMHO


  3. Some wonderful scenery in that area.


    Brenda-Dawn Linney
  4. Beautiful scenery. We walked the reverse route stopping off at Lee which is very picturesque despite the hotel being boarded up. We grabbed some ice cream and had a potter around the village gallery before setting off again. It was very quiet even though this was in the School Holidays. The only downside was no lift at waiting at Ilfracombe and having to catch the little bus back. (the bus was fine but we are a mixed ability group so some of us were moany by then…. not me I hasten to add)


  5. Top quality coastline there.


  6. Such a dramatic coastline especially on a dull day. Good decision to delay your departure.


  7. Lovely scenery again. That lighthouse looks familiar, but I suppose it would. I think that’s the place where I remember every crevice in the wall having at least one resident snail. I know – I do remember odd things. Coastal walking seems like a great idea, but then you remember how sapping the roller-coaster nature of the walking is.


    • You? Odd? I’d never have said that. I guess we must have walked past that lighthouse on that holiday but again I don’t recall. There are worse stretches of the coast path for ups and downs but this one was definitely in the Blackpool Pleasure Beach grouping


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