A Cold Day in Hell   10 comments

Well not exactly but I liked the title for the post. The rest of the family were otherwise engaged or just too lazy to make the effort so I went out alone to find some snow to walk on. The Brecon Beacons were calling and a ridge and approach I’d never done before. I set off from Llanfrynach (twice, having left my walking poles propped against a wall in the village) and headed up towards Gist Wen.


The day started brightly but heaver showers rolled in as I climbed. Once clear of the trees I reached the first few patches of snow and the wind picked up



There was a mix of stormy views and brighter skies but far too cold and windy to stop.


By the time I reached the edge the snow was deep and crisp and even. Although there was a brutally cold wind I love walking in wild conditions so I was a happy chap


There were a few fleeting views to keep my very brisk pace going. A proper wild wintry day to contrast the warm sunshine of our Xmas walks



I stopped just below the summit of Fan y Big for a snack but it was way too cold to brew up. It was also a longer walk than I thought and time was pressing. I had to make a swift exit if I wasn’t to finish in the dark


Whilst the day had been mostly cloudy, I struck lucky as that day drew to a close. The skies cleared enough to create some wonderful light effects and skies




The illuminated clouds over the Black Mountains were especially fetching





After dropping off the end of the Cefn Cyff ridge, I followed the paths across the fields and along the valley of  Nant Menasgin. Its a lovely quiet stretch along the river and meadows and back into Llanfrynach. I was weary and fulfilled as I reached the car in the fading light



10 responses to “A Cold Day in Hell

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  1. Great dramatic photos and some lovely light in the last few. Looks like a nice cobweb-remover.


  2. Yes, looks a cold one there and more snow than our mountains this year so far. I used to know a guy nicknamed ‘pole to pole’ not because of his arctic exploits but everything to do with him leaving numerous poles at rest stops on mountains and other places then having to buy new ones. He must have gone through five or six a year at least.


    Blue Sky Scotland
    • I’m afraid that’s where my brain is heading. I’m always having to wander back and fetch them or I attach them to the pack and forget to use them at all
      That snow was very short lived, gone by lunchtime the next day. Off to the Highlands at the start of March so I’m hoping the weather dumps some snow for a bit of winter walking and ski touring


  3. Nice landscapes! Glad you got out for a hike, despite the cold and snow.


  4. Thanks for taking me along! I loved every minute of the cold, snowy vistas.


  5. Don’t know why, but I always think it looks colder when there are bits of grass poking through the snow…and more atmospheric.


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