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Sandwiched around our New Years Day outing were a couple of days spent in/on/near water. We’d booked onto a boat trip to go sail along the coast, spot dolphins and swim in the sea. Our vessel was the “Flipper Uno” recommended by the Funsters as great day out from last year. We were scheduled for New Years Eve and duly headed down to the harbour. Alas the strong winds caused them to cancel the trip so we were at something of a loose end.

We decided a day by the pool was in order and we went to the Oasis complex in Los Gigantes.


Despite being extraordinarily windy we had  rather a nice day.


We found as sheltered a spot as we could and the pool area is really rather classy with an infinity style view at one end and overlooked by the famous cliffs at the other


We had a few swims and a nice lunch and plenty of lazing around


TBF enjoyed her swims as did I




TJF enjoyed lazing in the sun


TJS looked a little underwhelmed by the whole experience


They fitted us in for a another trip on our last day. Here is our chosen vessel


The weather was grand and the views from the boat were mighty fine. A different perspective from out at sea





Alas the dolphins were a little shy. The Funsters assured us they were jumping and swimming along with the boat last year. We saw a couple of lazy looking specimens that did nothing much before vanishing beneath the waves. That’s the natural world for you, can’t be relied upon to put on a show!


The boat headed back to Masca Bay (where our gorge walk ended last year) for lunch and a swim. It’s a really spectacular spot



We were encouraged to swim and take a leap off the rope swing. I’m pretty pleased with my efforts swinging out the furthest, as several people made a complete hash of it. No photos of my success but you get the idea from this random small boy


It was fantastic swimming near to the cliffs in fairly bouncy, deep, clear water, a memorable experience


One of the crew made amends for the limited dolphin views by letting the gulls take food from his mouth. Actually pretty impressive and I wouldn’t do it. The gulls must know the timing as they were all gathered waiting for a feed


The ride back home along the cliffs was equally spectacular





In truth the whole thing was just too tacky for me – all pirate costumes and cheesy music – but it was fun and a nice family way to end the holiday. As a finale we took a visit to the natural rock swimming pool for a dip and to watch the waves bouncing



Even though the water was swirling wildly you could still see shoals of fish hugging the rocks. I like this spot as well


There are some video clips of the waves in the slide-show


So the end of our winter sun trip and something that I’ll be reluctant to give up now. A combination of warm sunshine, swimming, walking and the avoidance of all things Xmas is an irresistible combination for me.


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  1. Those cliffs are incredibly spectacular. Tenerife really has an amazing amount to offer. I’m slightly ashamed that I’ve been without, apparently, seeing any of it!


    • It certainly has. There are some pretty bland and ugly corners but in the main its truly spectacular. You can probably tell we love it. Great place for a family hols. Loads of interesting stuff


  2. These cliffs are massive and certainly dominate the view. The fault lines look like ropes dangling down the cliff face.
    A spectacular place to spend your Christmas / NY.


    • I think the long marks on the cliffs are dykes – just ribbons of different rock that bubbled up when the lava flowed. In some places they form quite pronounced walls. All dramatic and fascinating. Tenerife is brand new in geological terms.


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