All is Quiet on New Years Day   4 comments

We didn’t really celebrate New Years Eve, not really our sort of thing. A quiet night in although TBF and TJS stayed up to watch the fireworks (put on by local hotels) from our balcony.

I thought New Years Day would be good for an outing, assuming many others woukld be recovering from the excesses from the night before. We’d never been to the NE corner, the Anaga Pensinsula so I though we ought to put that right. The nice thing about Tenerife is its diminutive size so it only took an hour to drive from one end to the other.

I’d read that the Anaga is rather splendid and so it proved. I asked TJS to take us to some obvious spot to get our bearings and he chose Mirador Pico del Ingles


It was breathtaking and the weather crystal clear. The views were just stunning. There seemed be one long central ridge where the road runs with several deep ravines carved on either side and numerous small villages perched impossibly on the sides


There was a wonderful covering of forest in complete contrast to the barren moonscape on El Teide (seen in the haze below)




It was wonderful and breathtaking vista and the whole area just begged to be explored


We only had one day so options were limited. We headed down to Taborno on the northern side figuring we had a better chance of avoiding the very keen wind. The views from the village were equally stunning. Alas my camera had reset itself to minimum size and resolution so the photos are reduced in size and not the best quality but I think you can still see the majesty of the place


The gorges plummet down to the glittering sea. Everywhere we could see paths snaking down to distant headlands and beaches. The walking in these parts looks superb although hard work as everything is either steep up or steep down


We had our picnic in the deserted village square by the church. A few laughs watching TBF chase our litter around in the wind



We took a short stroll out towards the pointed spire of Roque de Taborno


The slopes were especially good for lizards and we saw several scuttling about including some decent sized specimens


There is a path that completely encircles the base and is supposedly pretty spectacular and exposed. We were limited by time so just too an amble out to take a decent close up


I even managed to get the kids to pose for a photo



We took an alternative unsigned path on the way back that was pretty vertiginous in its own right. I was a glorious walk, only about an hour but as enjoyable as any I’ve done on Tenerife. The clear weather and contrast in colours was memorable.




Walking needs satisfied we finished the day off at the beach. We plunged down a ravine that emerged straight on to Playa de las Teresitas, one of Tenerife’s finest beaches



Its a strand of golden sand, unusual in Tenerife and I’m pretty sure the sand is imported from the Sahara. The beach is protected by a large breakwater and is perfect for families with gentle slopes into a calm sea. There was added interest from the ships berthed off shore and the para-gliders circling above. I liked this place a lot


Me and TJS took a wander to the end of the breakwater from where there was a splendid vista back across the beach





We spent a happy couple of hours wandering up and down. As it was late in the day the beach had enough people to feel welcoming without being in any way crowded




The setting of the sun behind the headland told us it was time to go


This is how New Years Day should be spent. No idea what the weather was like back home and frankly I didn’t care! 🙂


4 responses to “All is Quiet on New Years Day

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  1. What no midnight swim?
    Were you being deliberately ironic when you said you managed to persuade the children to pose for a photo. TJS looks like your typical truculent teenager forced to stand in front of the camera but determined not to look toward it, or be caught smiling etc.
    The scenery and beach look amazing.
    I assume that the post title was a tease, I was expecting U2 on the video. Although I’ll take the Stones by preference any day.


    • Too grumpy for a midnight swim, I was in bed by 11, although at least I wouldn’t have had to break the ice off the water!
      That’s as good as you get from TJS when asking for a pose, at least he wasn’t looking at his phone which he seems to be doing in most photos. Yes it was a tease but I thought the Stones are better


  2. Looks as rugged as Corsica there with similar contorted mountain ranges. I love to watch the little lizards dance about- always good fun to tease them with a big juicy fly on a thread. Not a lot to do on a campsite in the evening when backpacking…


    Blue Sky Scotland
    • LOL – the hours to tend move by pretty slowly in a tent in the rain. I’ve done some strange stuff to pass the time in a tent but never reptile baiting 🙂
      Now you mention it does resemble the Calanques on the West coast of Corsica. Another utterly fabulous island I’ve not been to for a few years. My boy wants to do the Corsican High Level route so that’s a plan when I can 2-3 weeks spare to do it justice


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