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Lanzarote – Hiking a High Point   12 comments


Time to get back to more serious walking. After a morning of lazy strolls and chilling by the pool me, TJS and TBF headed out for a walk in the afternoon. The weather was still stunningly clear and we wanted to bag one of the higher summits.

We started from another of the small quiet villages of the island, Uga. Heading out of the village and along a wide track into the hills


We crunched our way along the ash track, reminded me of walking on snow in very strange way


This is the valley of La Geria. It’s close to the area that erupted and was devastated not by lava but by ash. The area was quite well farmed and verdant before the eruption but after it happened most people left and never returned. More recently the area has been turned into a vast collection of vineyards. Each of these small hollows surrounded by a wall contains a single vine. Rather than protect from the wind the construction allows the dew to collect and trickle down into the hollow in miniscule amounts but its enough to sustain the vines. As you’ll see from the rest of the photos they dominate the landscape in such number as to be a marvel of effort to create that many. The unique pattern they create is one of the abiding memories of the island


Back to our walk and we were heading for the peak in the centre right of the photo, Montana de Guardilama. Its one of the “Three Peaks” over 600m I mentioned and had supposedly stunning views


We caught a glimpse of one of the Timanfaya tour buses traversing the slopes a few miles away


The panorama shot gives a feel for the width and desolation of the uncultivated parts of the valley


This lone palm tree caught my eye



Our target peak getting closer


As we reached the col the views along the east coast towards the resort of Puetro de Carmen and the capital Arrecife opened up


All we had to do was climb to the top. Hard work on the loose rubble slopes and took far longer than I thought


Fortunately the views from the top were stunning



TJS struggling to keep up with the old man



Couple of panoramas taking in 3/4 of the island



We had an extended stay on the top. The air was stunningly sharp and clear. An absolutely perfect day for walking


Looking south towards Playa Blanca


The National Park where Hell was unleashed a few hundred years back



TBF providing some foreground



We’d started late and we had another summit to climb and a few miles to go so we had to push on. We slithered down the slippery slopes and I waited for the others to catch up. While I was there an old German man walked up and abruptly asked what the climb was like. I gave him the low down about how long the climb might take etc but that the views were well worth it. He then set off just as abruptly without another word or a thank you. Some people!



We headed back up towards our second summit of Montana Tinasoria. Much lower and less steep it was an easy climb. We passed these ruined buildings, an area heavily used for paragliders as a launch site


As the sun was starting to go down the shadows and the golden light on the islands dusty brown summits was just mesmerizing




One of the things I loved about the island were the smooth sinuous curves of its volcanic cones. The low angle of the sun highlights them and the vine hollows perfectly


It is the age of the selfie



Reluctantly we headed down. I didn’t much fancy loose volcanic ash slopes in the dark


We passed through the crater of the much smaller Montana Mojon. These Prickly Pears providing a welcome splash of green to the landscape


There was a shallow crater rim so we wandered along it for some bonus views. By now the light was just sensational



As we reached Uga again the sun was catching the white houses perfectly, picking them out against the black lava and darkening blue sky



One final treat as we drove home and saw the sun setting as we crossed the col at Femes


I wasn’t sure what to expect from the walking on Lanzarote but its magnificent, fascinating and surreally beautiful. This half a day walk was amazing and one of the highlights of the trip. Boxing Day sales in a retail park or a walk like this?

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