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Weekend With Long Lost Friends and Offspring   9 comments

Another visit to the very friendly accommodating Hotel de Silverdale an excuse to catch up with our errant son now living the high life up at Lancaster University. As always a splendid weekend of locals walks, banter and great food.

We took several outings the first of which was a wander to Trowbarrow Quarry. Its another of those places that I’m sure Mark must have taken me before, probably many times but I was insistent I’ve never visited.


A route through Eaves Wood and down to Hawes Water, now being remodelled with new boardwalks to protect the local flora and fauna.


This local fauna sadly will only be protected to the point where it becomes sausages.


Trowbarrow Quarry was rather fine. Lots of people rock climbing and the DBs took time showing me all the Mountain Bike routes.


Rather foolishly I seem to have made a commitment to bring my bike on the next visit so they can take me biking in the quarry. Likely to end in amusement for them and injury for me.


We stopped off at Leighton Moss on the way back and took a trip up their observation tower where the views were exceedingly fine.


And then back across the golf course and the fields for lunch of homemade mushroom soup – also exceedingly fine.


We went out for another brief stroll to the Pepper Pot in Eaves Wood hoping to see the sunset but the clouds had descended and it was a pretty murky. I tried a couple of black and white images to see how they came out.


The evening was characterised by a takeaway curry and the arrival of Mark’s brother and his two kids. I’ve not seen him since his stag do – pushing 20 years so it was great to catch up and swap some old and new stories.

A morning walk around Jenny Brown’s Point and Jack Scout. Still gloomy and grey but its a fine walk.


The weather and plenty of chatter meant only a couple of photos.


Despite a gloomy forecast the afternoon was glorious and sunny and a final walk was in order. It wouldn’t be a Silverdale weekend without a trip up Arnside Knott. and the late afternoon sunshine was very welcome.


Mark had found a new path to the summit – a very steep way as it happens but we timed our arrival with some stunning light conditions.


The Lakes were still under the gloom proving that sometimes small and local is best.


We reckoned if we pushed on at a brisk pace we could reach the Pepper Pot in time for what we hoped would be a better sunset.


Our route took us past Arnside Tower which looked magnificent lit up by the setting sun.


It seems rather sad that no-one seems to be looking after it and slowly it seems to falling down and will likely crumble at some point. A sad reflection that this beautiful historic building may not be around forever.


We reached the Pepper Pot a matter of seconds before the sun went down and whilst not exactly fire in the sky it was a wonderful and peaceful way to finish a cracking weekend


Thanks as always to Mark and the Family for letting us stay and making us welcome and great to catch up with old friends and enjoy the delights of this wonderful and unspoilt part of the world.


The Annual Silverdale Pilgrimage   4 comments

My mate Mark and his lovely TBH have very kindly offered up their splendid home as a makeshift hostel for a friends and offspring gathering every September/October for the past couple of years. Despite the fact that all the kids make lots of noise, lots of mess and eat them out of house and home (the adults behave far more respectfully!) they has continued that tradition and we all decamped there in mid September last year.  You can read Mark’s account on his own blog here and my musical compilation is below

This is the third time we’ve visited and we’ve had some mixed weather. Back in 2011 the weather was pretty grey and dreary but last year it was superb. This year it appeared the ghost of 2011 was back and Saturday was dank and damp. We compensated for this disappointment by eating huge quantities of food as breakfast moved effortlessly into lunch. Feeling bloated we felt that some exercise was required so we dragged as many of the kids as we could encourage out for  a walk.

Lancaster, Ashton Memorial

Silverdale, Jenny Brown's Point

This area is just superb for easy walks with a maze of paths and lots of interesting stuff to explore, woods, coast, small hills, limestone crags and the like. I don’t recall the exact route but I think we went down through Scout Wood and along the coast to Jenny Brown’s Point.

Silverdale, Jenny Brown's Point

Silverdale, Jenny Brown's Point

I was a happy man as I had a new toy to play with. I take lots of photos when I’m out and I’ve always wanted to take things up a notch to the next level so I decided to treat myself to a DSLR. It’s a Canon EOS 60D with a Sigma 18-250 lens for those toggers amongst you and this was first time out with it. 4 months on I’m still getting used to what it can do and there is so much to learn but I’m enjoying the experience.

Silverdale, Jenny Brown's Point

Silverdale, Jenny Brown's Point

Down at Jenny Brown’s Point we found some pretty remarkable fossils. Mark was surprised that he’d never noticed these before although we guessed that perhaps the topsoil had only recently been washed away to expose them. I was still trying to get used to my camera and the taking of macro shots so the photos don’t really do them justice but they are superb, many were several centimetres long.

Silverdale, Jenny Brown's Point, fossils

Silverdale, Jenny Brown's Point, fossils

We ambled back through Scout Wood just enjoying being out even though it was a pretty colourless outing under the grey skies.

Silverdale, Jenny Brown's Point

Silverdale, Jenny Brown's Point

Back home the eating festival started again as we tucked into a huge (and now traditional) curry feast from the local takeaway and mighty fine it was too.

Sunday brought a much better day and we set off heading for the Limestone outcrop of Warton Crag. Mark has posted about it several times and I drive over it when I go to his place so I was keen to see it.



The local fields were flushed green under the blue sky and we headed across to Leighton Moss, a well known bird watching spot. However, today there was not much to view and I discovered how hard it is taking photos of fast moving insects (dragonflies in this case) with a zoom lens. Practice needed. Still Leighton Moss is fine place just to walk through

Silverdale, Leighton Moss

We walked up to the top of Summer House Hill and pitched up for some lunch as the views were grand. Well they were until we sat down when low cloud rolled in to cover up the views accompanied by a cold wind.

Silverdale, Summer House Hill

Silverdale, Summer House Hill

Silverdale, Summer House Hill

We decided it wasn’t worth the walk to Warton Crag so instead we went a circuitous walk via Cringlebarrow, Deepdale, Yealand Allotment and on to Hawes Water (thanks Mark – I had no real idea where we went after lunch). The sun came out again and pleasant warm strolling returned, the walk enlivened by the Beach Funsters and others getting temporarily misplaced!

Ingleborough, Silverdale

Silverdale, Yealand Allotment

Hawes Water is a fine spot I’ve visited many times now and must be a fabulous spot in spring and early summer when I guess it would teem with life and colour

Silverdale, Hawes Water

Back the house via Eaves Wood for another meal before we reluctantly had to head home. The late evening sunshine gave some fine views from the garden (and attic roof window) as well as a cracking sunset from church next door




As always a huge thanks to Mark and his family for their hospitality and another great weekend to cheer everyone through the post summer blues and impending days (and what wet days they have been) of autumn and winter

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