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Winter Holiday in Gran Canaria – Local Walk Part 2   12 comments

Another day of rest, another morning on the beach, restless feet and a need for a walk. This time I convinced TBF and S to join us on our local walk. Not sure they were all that impressed with my steep scramble to the road to cut the corner off.


A quick visit to the closed road before heading back up onto the ridge.


This time we followed the shallow valley all the way to its head to reveal a different aspect to the walk.


The clouds had rolled in across the mountains creating some dramatic vistas.


We were much further inland along the ridge, a view down over the resort of Taurito next door.


The ridge was superb, sheer drop offs on both sides and narrowing to dramatic crest at the far end.


One of the few short stretches where the coastal motorway pops out from its maze of underground tunnels.


We watched the sunset from the ridge this time rather than at the end where it overlooks the sea.


The golden glow on the red rocks was spell-binding. A wonderful spot to sit and watch the day end.


Withe more clouds this time the sunset was more dramatic but still not as good as others we’ve sen on previous trips to the Canaries.


It was pretty dark on the walk down, care was required on the loose ground but worth it for the nighttime views over the resort.


A walk I could happily do every day to watch the sunset.



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Winter Holiday in Gran Canaria – Local Walk   13 comments

A day of leisure was in order after our walk the day before. The morning was spent sunning ourselves on the beach and swimming in the cool clear Atlantic waters.


There is only so much leisure I can handle in one day on holiday though. I convinced TJS to join me in an exploratory stroll up to the top of the ridge between Puerto Mogan and Taurito. There were no obvious paths (its pretty much a long line of cliffs but I reckoned we could find a way up. Worst case we could take a look at the road that clings precariously to the cliffs and see why it’s been closed for several months.


After sneaking through a posh hotel to access the walkway around the old ruins (you have to pay if you enter the other end) and then scrambling up to the road we found a shallow valley that seemed to have a path through it. We found another path that hopefully forced a route through the crags. It did but it was exceptionally loose and a little precarious in places. We were both glad when the angle eased.


It turned out to be well worth the effort. The broad ridge had superb views both to the sea and back to the mountains and was crossed by numerous paths.


A view down to Puerto Mogan.


And a close up view of our apartment. Its the one top centre with the white canopy on the right.


TJS poses for the sunset.


We found an infinitely better way down into the shallow valley which in turn proved to be an interesting dry and eroded watercourse.


The setting sun created wonderful colours on the volcanic rocks.


This is the closed road. No cars but clearly now a very popular walk or cycle ride.


The sunlit rocks above the road.


And here is why the road is closed. A good part of it having fallen into the sea! I doubt they will ever open the road again as there is very little left to work with. On the right hand side you could pretty much jump straight into the sea. They have some really spectacular coastal roads in Gran Canaria.


We watched the sunset from the road but with such a clear sky and no clouds it was a bit of a damp squib.


Still, not a bad place to be in early January.


We hadn’t been out on New Years Eve so we did a New Years Day night out. Puerto Mogan has dozens of restaurants and we found a really nice friendly place that did a fine line in Fish, Paella and Calamari.


Happy people enjoying a happy holiday.


And a nice view across the harbour to the beachfront strip.


Having a local walk is always an advantage wherever we stay and this one was a really good one. We went up another couple of times which I’ll cover in later posts.


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Winter Holiday in Gran Canaria – Puerto Mogan   15 comments

Further southwards after another flight and another batch of custard pies in the airport! Gran Canaria for some sun, sea, sand and mountains. Our base was the resort of Puerto Mogan at the far SW corner of the island. I thought a little introductory post about our home before some more dedicated posts to our trips out, walks etc.

It has fine artificial beach, very sheltered and great for swimming


Around the breakwater you can see the next resort tucked among the cliffs as well as the dramatic coastal bluff that separates it from Puerto Mogan.


On our first full day it was somewhat cloudier than expected but no matter as we had to head to the airport to pick up TBF’s sister who was coming out to join us. We decided to take the scenic route through the mountains to get a feel for the island’s interior and its very narrow and twisting roads.


The weather was firmly in the cloudy and cool bracket. We had a very chilly picnic lunch by one of the lakes, Presa de las Ninas, that would have been a lovely spot in the sunshine.


We drove on to the airport past the highest point which was deeply immersed in cloud!

Arriving back at base with our new arrival we went for another stroll around the town and beach.


Dramatic clouds replaced cloudless blue skies.


What it lacked in warm sunshine it more than made up for with light effects on the surrounding hills and trees.


A sunset view from our roof terrace.


Much as the golden light and clouds was impressive we wanted blue skies and sun and for most of the rest of the trip that’s what we got!


The town had a rather nice viewing platform set high (and very steep) on the hillside. Great views over the harbour, coast and town.


Providing people stayed out of shot.


More sunset views from our roof terrace (which was rather fine by the way).


And more views from a second lung bursting climb to the viewing platform.


And a shot of the town at night from a walk up the cliffs on the other side. many more photos from a couple of splendid walks up there in later posts.


Settled in, now it was time to explore and see some of the sights and especially the mountains.


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