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Garway Hill Clouds   9 comments

It’s a very different world now to the one when I went on this walk a couple of weeks back. After a day working at home I decided I’d had enough and with the days getting longer headed out to Garway Hill for a brief walk to clear my head.


Some wonderful cloud effects made it well worthwhile making the effort to head out as well as some welcome fresh air.


The wild pines kept me company as I was the only person up there. Good practice for the new term of Social Distancing we all are now only too acutely aware of.


Since then things have escalated quickly and now we are in total lockdown to try and stem the spread of the virus, protect the NHS and above all save lives.


I went out for a few walks in the weekend leading up to the escalation to full lockdown. We are lucky that our local Black Mountains are quiet and isolated and not widely explored so by careful selection of start points and routes (as well as heading out at 6am for a walk before work) we never met anyone. I won’t be posting about these walks until we are back to normality as I’m still unsure if I did the right thing at the time.


I have one more walk from a couple of weeks back to write up. After that it will be blog silence for a while. Well, not quite. I’ll be going back into my photo collection from pre-blog days and writing up some of the trips from way back. Nostalgia for me and a chance for people to see what we all looked like when we had hair and hairstyles we’d like to forget! I have some classic holidays and adventures from my youth that I’ve often wanted to share but never found the time. Time is one thing we will all have plenty of in the coming weeks.


Time to spend quality time with the family, binge watch box sets and lots of cycling around my local lanes. All the very best wishes to everyone and their families in these difficult times.

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Cheeky Sunset Walk   4 comments


After two straight, long days out in the hills, domestic chores intervened. Another gorgeous sunny day spent putting my daughters new bed together. There was just time for a sneaky walk. Not until I’d negotiated B&Q, school traffic and a visit to the waste site that was closed.


I’d plumped for Garway Hill as you can drive pretty much to the top but even that road was blocked by a guy loading up his car! The fates were conspiring against me.


I pretty much ran up to the top as I didn’t want to miss the sunset. The setting sun was working its magic on the bracken.


I made the top just in time so see the sun set behind the Black Mountains. There were a few people up there with the same idea.


It was mighty cold but well worth the mad dash along frozen lanes in the car and frozen paths on foot.


I should have thought to bring my stove and brew up to watch the show but I’d probably have missed the sunset altogether if I had.


I settled for a brief 45 min wander around before it got too dark to follow the paths.


As always, the bare gnarly trees caught my eye.


A day of domestic drudgery rescued by a mad dash to a local summit.


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Grabbing a Garway   7 comments

Its been a pretty dismal autumn so far. Sunny days have been a rarity and grey days of mist and drizzle common place. You have to grab the few hours of dry and bright weather while you can.


Garway Hill is one of those regular escapes – a short drive, a high parking spot and easy walk to a great viewpoint.


Garway Hill is one of those regular escapes – a short drive, a high parking spot and easy walk to great viewpoint.


The bracken was in full retreat and delivering those glorious golden browns (one of the few positives of this dreadful growth)


A windy day, a mild one I seem to recall and some great views of the Herefordshire Marches and the Black Mountains.


We met a guy on the top who reckoned he could see 7 counties from here. I reckon it was 9 or 10 depending how you classify the Welsh Valleys ones now.


The last couple of strolls up here we’ve found a way to extend the usual very short walk to extract some extra value from the trip out.


Only a brief walk, slotted in amongst the grey – treasured moments of brightness


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An Even Shorter Walk on Garway Hill   7 comments

It’s a time of high winds and storms and walks grabbed in the small windows of opportunity in between.


Garway Hill is a good one for a short hour outing as you can drive pretty much to the top.


It was windy but the promised rain didn’t materialise and we enjoyed a brief hour outing.


Its a pretty decent viewpoint for the Black Mountains, Ysgyryd Fawr and the Sugar Loaf.


And its a Marilyn as well 🙂


We extended the usual short walk with a return along the lanes and fields and out of the wind it was surprisingly pleasant and springlike


More adventurous walking in the next post


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