River Fun in the Heatwave   10 comments

The past few weeks have been a bit too hot for any outings to the hills so its been river based activities for us.


But first we had some driving related fun with a very happy morning spent at the Kinsham Raceway.


Apart from the embarrassment of being overtaken by TJF we had a great time. They are friendly folk and its a very relaxed atmosphere (less officious than some places we’ve tried)


The intrepid racers!


After dropping TJS off at the station for his trip onwards to Manchester and Cape Verde we headed back to Dilwyn for a pub lunch at the Crown Inn. Slight embarrassment at having to wait outside on the village green for it to open!


Being early meant we could bag their fine comfy tables and chairs in the sun. A fine place to spend a couple of hours with a pint (or two) and lunch.


Onwards to a secretive little spot on the River Lugg near Kingsland.


The water is only just deep enough for a swim (although there is a much bigger and deeper pool below a weir just downstream) but the situation is superb.


There were fish, dragonflies and damselflies in abundance and not another soul around.


Perfect spot to spend an hour or two before heading home for a BBQ (via the farm shop for an ice cream)


Next day we spent at our local swimming hole on the Wye at Bredwardine.


Another chance for TJF to make Paddle Boarding look really easy.


She really does have the technique and balance for this. Lets just say that I don’t!


A fine looking board it is though.


The following weekend we had our friends from Macclesfield down for a visit. Like the previous year they brought the full on heatwave with them so we spent a day down at the Warren in Hay on Wye for a day of more swimming and Paddle Boarding.


Next day we went back to Bredwardine again trying to stay cool in the heat but I didn’t take any photos. We are very lucky to have such a great few water spots so near to home, a real bonus on those rare times when the heat descends on the UK.

10 responses to “River Fun in the Heatwave

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  1. That all looks very lovely. It took a long time this year for it to be warm enough for a swim, then suddenly it was really hot! I’ve been out a few times – posts to follow eventually!


  2. Looks pretty idylic! How was the water quality? I’ve read about the Wye being polluted by waste from chicken farms, although the water looks very clear and inviting in your photos.


    • Yeah, the chicken farms are a problem but I still swim and it always looks ok. The way we let water companies treat our rivers is a national disgrace. The recent problem was with the temperature of the water which was high enough to kill the fish. They released some water from the Elan Valley reservoirs to help that (although the reservoirs themselves look pretty low)

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  3. Great you have the Wye on your doorstep to chill out in!


  4. Like you we hit the River Dart on those weeks it got really hot (post still to come on that one!!). I have just as much fun having a swim, than I do walking the hills, plus its great to do something different.


    • I love rivers and waterfalls, especially where I can play and jump or slide etc. Still a big kid at heart! Sadly most of my family don’t enjoy the same thrills, I have to join up with Marks two boys (the DBs) for that

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