A Couple of Short Strolls on Merbach Hill   11 comments


Merbach Hill has been receiving a lot more of our attention in the past couple of years. Lockdown meant it was one of the few walks we could do and since then we’ve come to appreciate it anew.


Rather than parking near the top for a short walk I’ve now come up with a longer route that takes in some fine views for more of a half day out from Bredwardine.


These first few photos are from a walk back in early April when the Prof came home. Seems I forgot to write a post about it.


The first stretch is through a small forest reserve before picking up the Wye Valley Walk.


The views out over the Marches are rather excellent.


And there were still cute little lambs for us to coo at.


Merbach Hill Summit overlooking the Wye Valley.


And a chance for our first al fresco breakfast of the year.


Interlude. A couple of photos from a walk I did a few weeks back with some work mates I hadn’t seen since before the Pandemic. Its from the Cotswold Edges above the Severn Estuary at Coaley.


It was great to see them and re-kindle the banter we used to enjoy while we worked together at EE/BT. An easy meet up as they both live north of Bristol and I now work in Gloucester. A fine (if overgrown!) walk finished off with a pint and a burger in a local pub.


Back to Merbach Hill and the same route this time with TBF and her sister S a couple of weeks back. A much sunnier day if a little windy.


More great views over the Marches


Everything looking very lush and green.


Over the River Wye to mid-Wales.


The grass is long and the wildflowers adding a splash of colour.


The Black Mountains from the summit.

It took a while to find a sheltered sport out of the wind for another outdoor breakfast tucked into the old quarry workings on the top.


Out of the wind it was warm and summery. Sadly this route will be out of commission for a few months as many of the paths are already overgrown with bracken and nettles which will only get worse until they die back in the autumn.


Epilog. As I mentioned, I now work in Gloucester a couple of days a week. The office is in a rather down at heel part of the city but a little exploration has opened a nice walk around some of the nicer parts of the city, the rejuvenated waterfront and of course the magnificent cathedral.


I walk the circuit on a lunchtime stroll and combined with the 10 min walk each way from the car park gets me close to my hours exercise a day.

11 responses to “A Couple of Short Strolls on Merbach Hill

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  1. Some fabulous views there, both from Merbach Hill and the Cotswold Edges. And the stroll around Gloucester looks nice.
    But no fish and chips?
    “If a little windy” – every walk seems to be more than a little windy this year!
    Glad you found a sheltered sport. Squash? Real Tennis? Behind the windbreak tiddlywinks? (just to prove I do read your posts!).


  2. Gloucester looks really nice and well worth a visit. I’ve always had it in mind that, when I’m too old to fellwalk, I’d like to do all the county towns/cities…

    I get fed up of the drive to Keswick to work and the parking there but it was really appreciated during the lockdown as I could do a walk up any of the hills on the 20 miles between there and home quite legally after work. I certainly made the most of that. I did get a nasty note on my car in Braithwaite though one evening!


    • Large parts of Gloucester are actually pretty seedy, including the Town Centre and the area where my office is but the cathedral and the docks area are quite nice. I used to enjoy the odd walk after work when I was in Bristol but the drive home now doesn’t take me past anywhere obvious to do the same.

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  3. I seem to remember going to both Tewkesbury and Worcester before but never Gloucester, apart from an in and out on a train which I think turned around in there. Cathedral looks lovely though


    • It’s a city of contrasts. The main shopping area is very down at heel bordering on seedy, but the cathedral and the docks are where the money has been spent. I have a fine circuit that I walk every lunchtime now that takes in the sights and on a sunny day it’s very pleasant. Tewksbury is much nicer although I haven’t stopped off there for many years

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  4. I wonder if you have to pay to visit Gloucester Cathedral? How lovely to find a pleasant lunchtime walk here.
    TBF and her sister appear to be having a very relaxed stroll on this sunny walk.


    • Its our local, nearest hill to climb so we’ve been up here many times and another great spot for an outdoor feast. It’s free to look around inside the cathedral in Gloucester with a charge for guided tours that include and ascent of the tower which I will have to try sometime.


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