Jubilee Weekend Break – Scarborough   9 comments

One of the intentions for the weekend was to explore some places we’ve never been. All of us have quite a liking for cheesy seaside resorts so off to Scarborough. A handy park and ride service saved us the hassle of trying to find and then pay for a parking space.


It made a great contrast to the city sights of York to then be walking on the beach.


And Scarborough has two very fine beaches indeed. This is the main Town beach, South Bay.


Its fronted by the usual array of tacky gift shops and slot machine arcades but I really like that. Its very quintessentially British and I liked Scarborough all the more because of it. It also a very nice and pretty harbour, again something I always enjoy a walk around.


After a chippy lunch we set off on a long walk back across the South Bay beach. The rather grand looking building is the aptly named Grand Hotel. It seems every traditional resort has one of these hotels and they are all struggling to compete with the soul-less modern equivalents. We took a look inside and it would be worth staying just to ascend its magnificent staircase. Sadly looking at reviews it’s need of major investment, likely millions of pounds to restore its glory. I hope it happens some day as from the outside its a stunning building.


The sun was slowly breaking through as we walked across the beach.


A superb spread of sand.


A walk through the bland centre of town (and a stop for ice cream) brought to us a stunning view of the equally impressive and much less touristy North Bay beach. I was immediately taken with this stretch as well.


Even though we didn’t walk the sands (we didn’t have time) I was impressed by the great looking waves and vowed to come back for some kayak surfing some day.


Off to another of the towns major attractions, the castle.


Whilst not the most exciting of ruins to look at (there isn’t much left), its position high on the headland gives superb views across both bays.


South Bay and Harbour.


North Bay.


The castle Keep overlooking a couple of guys putting on a show for the kids. They were superb, really throwing themselves into it and very funny. The small gathering of kids were absolutely loving it and the big kid in me was as well. They deserved a bigger audience.


We took a wonderful stroll around the grounds and as we did the skies cleared and the sun came out with a vengeance.


The Cleveland coast.


After the compulsory deep fried donut (you just have to) we took another long walk across the beach to catch the bus back to the car.


The Grand Hotel looking even more resplendent in the afternoon sun.


It was a gorgeous afternoon if a little windy but we were more than satisfied with our day out and Scarborough is a cracking little place.


The Spa Bridge from the bus stop.


As the weather was so stunning we decided on a stop for a pint and some food on the way back. A bit of research and we came up with the Stone Trough Inn near Kirkham Abbey. A fab little find, beautiful little valley and cracking pub with nice food and refreshing pint of cider.

Finished off the day with a movie. The weird, surreal, hilarious and touching oddity that is “Everything, Everywhere, All at Once”. Highly recommended!

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  1. Don’t think I’ve been to Kirkham Abbey. We were at Scarborough a couple of years ago when I went to visit my brother in Whitby. We preferred the North Bay area but, like you, I just had to have some freshly fried doughnuts!


  2. Never been to Scarborough, Hornsea I have but never there. As you say it looks very English seaside resort,classic curving sandy bays. Some tacky bits, some fun bits. Looks lovely in the sun as they all do


    • I spent my childhood years on the coast of Wales and developed a love of Aberystwyth so I’m at home on a seaside parade with chippys, arcades and all the trimmings. I liked Scarborough a lot and could happily spend a few days there.

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  3. I often think that we always did the Lincolnshire coast, but in fact we did Cornwall a few times (wicked sunburn at least once), Anglesea (never stopped raining), Butlin’s at Minehead, and (I think) Wallis’s holiday park above Cayton Bay just south of Scarborough. I feel a gruesome story coming on….(but you no doubt know it already).
    Been back to Scarborough a few times since and always liked it. Can’t believe you didn’t have fish and chips while you were there!


    • Do you actually read my posts!! – “After a chippy lunch we set off on a long walk back across the South Bay beach.”
      With Aberystwyth and Weston Super Mare so close to home, I was brought up on seaside resort holidays hence why I like them so much. I really liked the seafront here and the fact that its has two bays/beaches with a different feel for each.


  4. The bridge is pretty impressive and the views from the cliff tops.


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