Nether Wasdale – The Rest of the Weekend   11 comments

Sadly, the weather the rest of the weekend didn’t quite live up to the promise of the first day. However we are nothing if not resilient and still managed to pack in plenty of good stuff.


On the Saturday we planned a hike over Muncaster Fell. Its a great little hill, small in stature but big in views and interest and being off the main drag, very quiet.


We parked up at Muncaster Castle and started up the ridge. This is the very fine Muncaster Tarn.


As befits our Modus Operandi, we stopped on the top for a very long lunch and to chat/bicker/banter!


It was bright when we set off but the forecast was for rain moving in through the afternoon so the views began to disappear into murky cloud as the walk and the day progressed.


When out in a large group with an uncertain forecast, what you need is an easy trouble free walk and Muncaster Fell delivers that perfectly.


The view along Eskdale to a disappearing Scafell range.

We’d had a plan to either walk all the way back to Nether Wasdale or take in circuit back to the car via the Castle grounds and parkland. As the weather was deteriorating, most of us took the circuit option and a few brave souls took on the longer walk back.


The walk back was interesting if unspectacular save for the glorious display of rhododendrons at the castle. I know they are invasive and dominant over our native species and can completely take over, but they do look nice.


The rain started properly as we reached the car and didn’t stop for pretty much 24 hours!


The Sunday was gloomy and damp so we did what we normally do and headed to the superb Mawsons cafe in Seascale for a slap up lunch of mainly ice cream! I have a fondness for Seascale even though it looks a little bleak and tired but it’s friendly and welcoming.


We took a stroll along the beach, through the golf course and back along the coast to work off some of those ice cream calories.


When we got back to the campsite the weather had improved a little so we went for a short walk up to Wast Water.


Not exactly wall to wall blue sky but more pleasant than the previous 24 hours of rain.


And to finish the day off the weather improved sufficiently for a very happy and convivial BBQ. Only in Britain can you see cheery people dressed in fleeces and waterproofs enjoying an outdoor meal!


The final day was much the same, grey with low clouds but dry at least. We went for a walk up to Whin Rigg. I’ve never walked past the top of Greathall Gill before and its really impressive. Would make an interesting way up if you can get past the steeper sections at the bottom.


As we reached the top the weather finally began to improve and we were treated to some pretty decent views.


The edge between Whin Rigg and Illgill Head is spectacular with some sensational drops down to the loose, vegetated crags and gullies.


Had we not had a long drive home ahead of us we would have stayed longer for a brew but the clock was starting to tick towards the final whistle of the weekend.


We were more than satisfied with the walk and ended things on a high after a pretty miserable 24 hours in the middle.


When all is said and done, it was great just to be back in one of our favourite places in good company and 3 walkable days out of 4 in the Lakes is not a bad return.

11 responses to “Nether Wasdale – The Rest of the Weekend

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  1. “Only in Britain can you see cheery people dressed in fleeces and waterproofs enjoying an outdoor meal!”
    Just what I was thinking before I read your comment! Preferably with a bit of grit and foliage mixed into the grub surely?
    Good to see a large group of shabbily dressed ne’er-do-wells loafing about on a hillside – makes me feel strangely comforted! Likewise the wet weekend look of Seascale.
    Did anybody do Muncaster Fell in inappropriate footwear – sandals for example? (That was a long time ago!)
    The rhododendrons look stunning! I read (somewhere) that the fossil record suggests that in the dim and distant past there were species of rhododendron endemic to Britain.
    Really sorry to have missed it (but not the 24 hours of rain!) and looking forward to being there next year (provided the Colts don’t repeat this year’s feat!)


    • The Sandals epic was discussed at length although it was much drier this time (rather than spending a day walking in inappropriate footwear after the campsite we were supposed to be staying at was flooded out!)
      The 24 hours of rain was eased by the fact we all gathered in Malcs massive caravan. Envious eyes and alternative plans have been discussed for next year.
      You and the Macclesfield Massive were sadly missed, roll on the 2023 gathering


  2. “Only in Britain can you see cheery people dressed in fleeces and waterproofs enjoying an outdoor meal!”
    Great comment! and so true…

    I always find Muncaster Fell very wet indeed – hope you all had wellies on… The rhododendrons are beautiful – I love to see them from the La’al Ratty on the hillsides of Muncaster Fell. I’m sure they’re controlled in the castle grounds and so won’t be a problem – probably a lot of work to keep them in check though…

    Do Mawsons do my favourite main meal of double egg and chips? 🙂


    • Muncaster Fell was very dry when we walked it although it would have been much soggier the next day. I pretty much always walk in trail shoes these days and my feet were dry although I do wear waterproof socks.
      Mawsons is pretty basic for food just snacks, sandwiches and soup. It’s their desserts and puds that dominate the menu. They are a dairy producer and their dales of milk dropped off so they decided to use the surplus to make ice cream and have never looked back. Waffles with ice cream and cherries is my favourite

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  3. Your group always makes the best of things!
    Love it!


  4. I’ve still to do Whin Rigg and Illgill Head so looking forward to it after seeing these photos, although I might head up from Miterdale Forest side maybe


    • Miterdale is well worth a look especially the little cirque at the far end (although it’s a bit of a slog to the top from there). The walk along the base of the screes is intriguing for a one time experience but one of the sections is seriously tedious with no path. The edges on the top though are, as you can see, magnificent

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      • I’ve heard about the Screes path and it seems bouldery and not much fun


        • Its pretty straightforward most of the way and there are 3 large scree runs to cross. The first couple have a path but the last one is really tricky and tedious, all huge boulders and no path. I’d say if you know what’s coming its definitely worth doing once for the experience but I don’t ache to do it again

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