Xmas and New Year Walks – Bradnor Hill   10 comments

Final post covering my Xmas and New Year walks. This one from New Years Day when we had the Prof’s better half, the lovely Laura, down to stay with us for a couple of days.


Even though (as Mark will no doubt point out when he comments) that there is plentiful blue sky around, in truth it was another mixed day of sunshine and heavy showers. Coupled with a strong wind it wasn’t really the weather to head to the higher mountains. A little disappointing as we and the Prof were hoping to show off some of our favourite routes to TLL.


Instead we chose one of our easier and less demanding classics, the round of Herrock, Rushock and Bradnor Hills from Kington Golf Course.


In the absence of higher mountains we’ve come to love this route. A mix of green, grassy fields and open heathland with some wide ranging views.


In truth, just as good a walk to “show-off” as the more mountainous ones.


It makes for a more sociable walk when you can all walk together rather than being constrained to a line on a narrow path.


The massive fields of Rushock Hill.


And its woolly tenants.


And of course a chance to walk on an actual standing piece of Offa’s Dyke. Major excitement.


In the end the weather looked so uncertain that we decided not to bother with Herrock Hill and took our new route to climb Bradnor Hill. Now rather sadly turned to a muddy mess by the passage of said woolly tenants.


Herrock Hill from Bradnor Hill.


When we had to abandon our trip to France we hoped for some clear sunny winter days and maybe some snow. In the end it was more brief snatches of sunshine in a pretty wet and gloomy few days. More than adequate compensation to spend some time with the family and some newly acquired members.


Not too bad a way to see off Xmas and bring in the New Year – lets all hope that this year we can finally see some return to normality.

Route Map (ignoring the little loop to Herrock Hill which we declined this time)

10 responses to “Xmas and New Year Walks – Bradnor Hill

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  1. If you think sheep make a mess, you want to try cows!


  2. Every photo has blue sky in it, so it looks a bit better than what we had west of Dartmoor around New Year! Lovely walk though which I’m sure with a bit of blue sky makes for a good day out, and completely agree with the ending for normality now please


    • It was another grey and showery day that we took a chance on and got lucky with a few sunny intervals in a couple of hours. I’m hoping the fact I got out of the UK for a week is a good sign for better things to come

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      • There seems to be changes in this country for sure with a bit more openness (if that’s a word!) and the fact that you can get abroad is a good sign, and the restrictions on your return look more favourable as well, which has to be good

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  3. A fine walk from where I am sitting. I can’t feel the wind or rain and am having no problem stepping through the mud.


  4. Not being much of a masochist I was always very pleased, once I got on a bit in years, when the weather was too bad for the ‘greater ranges’ as it meant I got to do the things I wanted- like lower green, hills, village walks, exploring towns etc if it was pouring with rain.. I felt I deserved that after the first thirty years of howling spin-drift, zero view summits, waist deep rivers and bogs, 1000 days of rain, sleet, and bitter gales up high. I could get all that outdoors at work in my old job but I can fully appreciate if you are working from home the need to get out as I always got bad headaches writing my books, especially proof reading which takes a special person and mindset to do that for a living. I found it very hard to keep focus, hour after hour at the computer screen, concentrating line by line for mistakes..Happy to give it up.. .

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    • I’ve found working at home full time to be much tougher than I ever thought. I always remind myself that compared to most jobs mine is easy but still, it’s been difficult spending so much time alone when I’m not used to it. My daily exercise has become my escape valve and I’m learning there can be enjoyment even on the greyest of days

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