Xmas and New Year Walks – The Begwyns   13 comments

Another wet and windy day with a clear afternoon spell had us out for another walk.


We’ve not been to the Begwyns for a while. In fact the Prof had no memory of the place at all even though he’s been up here numerous times. I showed him some photos (and its quite a easily remembered spot at the top) but its been wiped and deleted.


It was an odd afternoon of wispy clouds, blue sky and a ferocious wind.


Its a perfect walk when you don’t want any navigational complexities. Just an open access land of grass and bracken with numerous paths in all directions. We always park at one end then walk to the other end and back.


Choice of route is always a little different and this time we chose a selection of paths on the way out to stay out of the very strong westerly wind.


The summit circle of trees surrounded by a wall known as the Roundabout.


We’ve often stopped here for a break, picnic or cuppa but today being xmas it was busy and the wind made it far too cold to want to linger.


We wandered back, this time with the wind behind us which made for a really quite enjoyable winter stroll.


Another photo inspired by a TBF comfort break.


Pleasant pond of mucky water.


Setting sun.


I mentioned the Begwyns to a friend and what a fine walk it was. When he looked on the map he was rather disappointed to find they are a small range, low in altitude and only a couple of miles long. I think he was expecting or confusing them with the Berwyns!


Most of the people park up at the road near the Roundabout so the eastern end is always quiet


The grassy paths between the bracken are something to be savoured and the colours at this time of year in late afternoon are stunning.


A final golden brown shot of the bracken – shame its such a pain the ar5e when its green!


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13 responses to “Xmas and New Year Walks – The Begwyns

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  1. There are a few walks here in the Lakes which I love when the bracken is down but wouldn’t consider when it’s up!

    I think at first I wondered if you’d made a typo or I’d read it wrong and you meant The Berwyns (which I still haven’t done). It looks lovely winter walking anyway – I do much lower stuff in winter nowadays.


  2. Another lovely winter walk perfect for the time of year. Pretty sure I remember the wall and trees at the top and you sitting leaning up against the wall for a brew stop on previous visits


  3. Just lovely!


  4. I like all the grassy walks you do down there. An attractive landscape we only really get in the Central Belt and Lowlands here. I know according to perceived wisdom, you are meant to exercise every day if possible,…10’000 steps and all that… but doing that would take some of the shine off the outdoors for me personally as I like to save my walking for fine sunny days. Mind you I do not spend any time in an office environment. Haven’t been outdoor walking in bad weather for over 15 years now unless it’s really wild (big coastal storms, flooding, heavy snowfall etc.) I just like sunny weather or extremes and try to miss the average stuff out altogether. That’s my mission statement in life. Hedonism! I’ll probably die younger but I’ll enjoy it until that happens 🙂


    • I do actually try and get out for at least an hour every day regardless of weather especially in the working week. I work at home permanently now so I end up looking at the same rooms every day, often without anyone else in the house. I think I’d go mad if I didn’t go out. Also helping me keep my weight down – I’ve lost close to 10kg since I started regularly weighing myself and doing more exercise. I do agree its those “meh” (as I think the younger generation might say) days that I find hard to motivate myself for. Just endless grey skies, bit like today really.

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  5. See! More blue skies. I rest my case. It occurs to me: why isn’t the Prof planning your routes, when you go out together? I know he loves a map and it would put an end to his griping about your routes being too off piste, too long, too steep, too….I’m sure you can add to the list? That way you could adopt the Rob Webster role and gently take the p**s whilst the Prof gets you a bit lost.

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