Xmas and New Year Walks – Garway Hill   14 comments

Seeing as we were unable to travel to warmer climes this Xmas and New Year we were left with walks in the UK. As expected, since our wonderful two days in Yorkshire, the weather reverted to type and things were largely grey and wet. We did manage a few sunny intervals between the wet patches though. Firstly a break between heavy showers on Garway Hill.


We were lucky in catching the sunniest period for a few days while we were out.


Don’t be fooled by the expansive blue skies. This was very much against the run of play as they say in football circles.


It was wild and windy up top, not a day to linger on the summit.


Our summer time visits when we sat on the top watching the sunset with a chilled glass of beer seemed a very long time ago.


At least the bracken had receded and was providing a welcome splash of colour.


The next band of showers was already under construction.


I always find the transmitter on the ridge to make a fine photo subject.


Fine views out over the Shire.


Looking back to the summit.


TBF on her way back from, well, I’ll leave you to fill in that blank.


And over to next door-shire (the Worcester one)


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14 responses to “Xmas and New Year Walks – Garway Hill

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  1. That photo where TBF is coming back from having a pee is a belter – really pretty and lovely light!


  2. I love the wide open hills where you hike!


  3. I love that you are out, no matter what the weather.


    • I’m on an exercise regime where I try and get out every day for a walk or bike ride of a least an hour in the week and longer at weekends. Helping me lose a few kilos of weight!


  4. Never known a ‘shire’ that didn’t have good walking in it. Says something about the name.


    • There are times when I find the fact we are bit out on limb down here a bit frustrating but having walks like this nearby is well worth that. Only a couple of other places in the UK I’d consider moving to


  5. Sounds like you had similar weather to us around Christmas and New Year, we didn’t see any sun this side of Dartmoor and in the end I started heading east to get out of the claggy drizzle. Another nice walk this one though, nothing too long or tricky which is perfect for that time of year


    • There was a lot of rain around but we chose our moments and did grab some sunshine but nothing like our Yorkshire trip. Have to make the best of things but at least we were all together and healthy which is the main thing

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  6. ‘Don’t look!’
    Some lovely colours in those photos. Of course, despite your protestations, we all know that the skies are always blue and the sun always shine in surfnslide land: I’ve seen the evidence!
    Hmmm. Except when we visited, of course.



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