From the River to the Woods   9 comments

An overcast day and a late start had us looking for a walk close to home. Ever keen to try something new, we headed to Mordiford just east of the city to connect a series of riverside and woodland paths into a circuit. I’ve looked at this area on the map for a while so I was interested to see how it worked. Sometimes, lesser frequented paths can be disappointing, poorly marked, overgrown or just not there. Pleased to report that this one was excellent with no issues at all.


We set off along the levee above the Lugg before heading down to the banks of the river. As ever, looking for possible summer river swimming spots.


Looking back to West Wood where we’d be later on.


The Lugg is a pretty little river and in many spots provides a fine swim.


This is where TBF normally swims after work. Bit chilly this time of year for river swims.


A nice little stone bridge over the Lugg into Hampton Meadow.


Hampton Meadow is rather nice. We did note that its home to nesting birds including the increasingly rare Curlew. They therefore ask you nicely to avoid crossing it in spring and early summer so this walk is for Autumn and winter.


After 3 miles my GPS was telling me we’d done a grand total of 8 feet of ascent so it was time for more of a workout. We passed a superb looking house in Cockshoot and headed up into the wooded hills above Mordiford.


Despite my reservations this part of the walk was delightful. A mix of woodland and open fields with expansive views over the Shire to the Black Mountains.


And the collection of wooded hills in the east of the county.


After dropping into Mordiford we headed out on the Wye Valley Walk through Orchards and more open fields. The trees now in full autumn glory with the sun occasionally lighting them up to great effect.


The return to Mordiford was through the woodland of Fownhope Park and the previously mentioned West Wood.


All the paths and tracks marked on the map were exactly where they should be which was a relief.


It was getting late as the walk had become longer than I’d planned, the route being much more enjoyable than I expected.


The late afternoon sunlight in the trees was enchanting.


We put in extra short loop back through the orchards to avoid a few hundred yards of busy main road.


Really good new route and one I’ll be returning to, especially in the autumn when the trees are in fine form.

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  1. I enjoy seeing photos of autumn colors from other parts of the world!


    • Autumn was a little late this year with the trees not putting on a show until late October into November. Yesterday was the first walk of the season this year where I needed hat and gloves


  2. Looks nice and firm – it’s a sea of mud around here!


  3. Always nice to walk along rivers yet still get good panoramic views.


  4. Some lovely colour at the end of that walk, and a bimble which touches 3 different rivers as well, which I can’t think of a place where I could do that off the top of my head


    • Just the two rivers sadly, the Frome is only about a mile long so doesn’t really count 🤣
      I’m not a big fan of forest walking, I prefer wide open spaces, but the colours are good at this time of year and it does make a bit of a change from the usual walks we do

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  5. Stunning evening light and autumn’s gold colourings! I’m not surprised this walk took longer than planned. I would so love to have it on my doorstep!


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