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Something a bit different. My car was in the workshop for repairs. I took a bike ride rather than wait around at the garage and fulfill my daily exercise needs. They rang me to say it would take the rest of the day, so I just carried on and cycled home, just short of 30 miles in the end. Rather than head back later with TBF I thought I could pick it up in the morning if she dropped me off in town. I advanced that plan and thought I could actually make a decent walk of it. So I was dropped off at Rotherwas just after eight am with a plan to walk along the river Wye and string some paths together back to the garage on the north side of the city.


After a bit of exploration I managed to find a permission path through the fields to the river.


There was low cloud hugging the local hills but it was bright and surprisingly warm.


Its a very nice and quiet stretch of the Wye, a handful people out walking their dogs and a couple of men fishing.


The other bank has lots of very expensive looking houses which I was admiring from a distance.


Added excitement from a train passing over the bridge as I approached.


The Canary Bridge.


So named for the original Munitions factory in the area that turned the workers skins yellow.


Its a nice bridge, very fetching in the morning sun.


After a bit of urban wandering through housing estates I found my way to Tupsley Park. As I entered the sun finally broke free from the shackles of low cloud and it was glorious.


A little oasis of greenery in an otherwise unremarkable suburb.


Until this walk I had no idea it was there.


Another few minutes of street walking and I was at Lugg Meadows. Here the sun was out in full force and it was just a stunning morning.


The wander through these delightful meadows was a real pleasure.


Me and TBF have been swimming in the Lugg around here a few times but I’ve never take a longer walk. I will be returning before too much longer.


Next time I’ll walk in the main section of the meadows by the river. I was on the far western side where the path occasionally dropped into overgrown muddy woodland and there was no way to walk between the two areas, cut off by a meandering channel of the Lugg.


On a workday it was blissfully quiet and I had pretty much the whole spot to myself.


Onwards through Aylestone Park, another splendid green area.


The park contains one of the remnants of the Herefordshire and Gloucestershire Canal. Most of it has completely disappeared but there is a trust and they are restoring a few sections.


This stretch was rather pretty and looked very clear and clean for its few hundred metres of length.


From there just a short stroll to the garage, pick up the car and back at my desk for 10:30. Nearly 6 miles and much further than I thought but very enjoyable.

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  1. As you say: something a bit different. The creative use of a potential inconvenience too – a 30 mile ride and a 6 mile walk out of getting the car serviced. Fair play. Looks like there’s massive potential for walking the Wye in Hereford.


    • I’ve done the bike ride while waiting for car work a few times now, prompted by COVID. In the past I’ve just taken my laptop and worked in their waiting areas but that got stopped. Seeing as I’m out every day for at least an hour anyway it seemed to make sense to combine the two. If its an all day bit of work I can just cycle to and from, about 10 miles each way.
      I have some plans for walks along the Wye, either just taking both cars or using the bus to get back. There aren’t many places with a path on both sides and a distinct lack of bridges!


  2. There’s a very similar 7 mile walk along the river from Dalston to Carlisle around here which I’m wanting to do sometime.

    So, did the canary men turn yellow because they became jaundiced or was it just a chemical reaction on their skin? Sounds nasty anyway – were they all okay or did it make them ill?


  3. Aah, the beautiful Wye! A perfect way to start the morning.


  4. Liking this, will these walks be possible in the winter months? You’ve said before about how muddy and wet your local fields are, so does this give you winter options


    • The banks of the Wye can be even worse in winter. Once the river bursts its banks, as it does most winters it covers the flood plain with silty mud. Still, I have plenty of ideas for more local walks and I know 3-4 decent routes from my front door to keep me fit during the week

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