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The next day of our Scottish trip started off wet and gloomy so after a long day previous, we sat around, ate breakfast, made soup and generally took things easy. Keen not to sit around all day I scoured the map for a short walk and found the diminutive little Beinn Lora just down the coast towards Oban. After some effort I convinced others to come and join me.


With a car park at the bottom, a trail through the forest at and only 308m high it fitted the bill and even though it was still drizzling when we set off we hoped for some views.


It was a broad an easy path to follow and there were plenty of overlooks to admire the views over the Firth of Lorn to Mull. Well we hoped we’d see Mull eventually.


Our luck was in and as we climbed it stopped raining and we even had a few brief glimpses of sun and blue sky.


I was the only one who took the short out and back to a view point called, I think, the Eagles Nest and timed it perfectly for an almost sunny view over Benderloch.


And out over Ardmucknish Bay to a distant Mull.


Onwards to the top and past what was marked on the map as Lochan Nan Ron. It was slowly filling up with moss and water borne plants.


Once out of the forest the excellent path turned into a soggy, boggy one. This is Scotland after all.


Whilst not exactly wall to wall blue, the views along the Firth of Lorn were superb. Much better than anything we had the previous day.


UF climbs to the top.


Closely followed by MM.


The view from the summit back to Loch Creran.


Patches of sunlight and a very distant south shore of Mull.


We were disproportionately pleased to see that Oban had an airport we didn’t know about and we had a grandstand view.


We were even more pleased to realise there was a scheduled flight and we had a cracking view as it took off and headed for Coll and Tiree. Small pleasures.


Looking back north towards Glencoe and Lochaber, in there somewhere.


An especially soggy part of the return path.


The showers seemed to have abated for now and we stayed dry the rest of the day and although we had a few shafts of sunlight it never truly cleared.


Considering how wet it had been in the morning we were well pleased with the result. Some spectacular crepuscular rays to see us on our way.


Over a 1000 feet of ascent, just shy of 5 miles and some pretty decent coastal views. Small hills often deliver the best results.

11 responses to “Wet West Highlands – Beinn Lora

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  1. That was one of my favourite days bagging the smaller highland hills. Easy ascent, great views, and a glorious west highland sunset to end with. Some of the highland hills, even the smaller ones, are just a trudge through thick pine forests to a nondescript summit. Just a tick bagging exercise essentially without the symmetrical beauty and unique individuality of the lowland Marilyns, which often stand alone above scenic rural landscapes. That peak was different with interesting features below and a good path to follow..

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    • I’ve grown to love the smaller hills over the years as anyone who reads my blog will testify to. Mind you I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have any desire to complete the Munro’s. I doubt it will happen as I have them spread out all over the place and I still have most of the Skye ridge to do. I’ll likely need a guide for that as my scrambling skills and head for heights aren’t what they once were.
      Days like this are so much better than wandering about aimlessly in the cloud just to tick a box. Looking at my lists of smaller hills there are plenty to keep me amused including a splendid little one on the way home, couple of posts before that one


  2. Blue skies! Views! And what views! One for the book clearly. Love the photos with patches of sunlight sea and evident showers too. Lovely.


    • Definitely a book chapter for this one. Took some effort to convince everyone to head out and UF grumbled most of the way round but I had a great time. I think many of our little band are still a little too obsessed with big hills and staying indoors if weather rules them out. They’ll learn1 😉


  3. Don’t know that area at all! And I’ve been to Oban a lot. Didn’t know there was an airport there either – is it new?


  4. Some great views on your descent there. A great little hill right by the sea as well. As you say the little ones work because they are normally away from the high stuff give great views across fields and lowlands (and airports!!). Reminds me a bit of Brent Hill down here, nothing to it really but the views across South Hams towards the distant sea and into south Dartmoor are brilliant for very little effort


    • I have an ever increasing list of small hills that I love and this one (plus the one we did on our way home) are right up there. I lawyer like your posts from Brent Hill and the way it’s often in many of your photos from other walks. Carn Fadryn on the Llyn is like that – you can see it from many of north and mid Wales peaks.


  5. A great climb to save the day. How stunning would it be on a clear day!


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