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It was time for another day out and after our brief visit to Coniston Water a couple of days earlier we feltit deserved a full day’s attention. Despite an early start and arriving just after 9am, the Brown Howe car park and adjacent lay-bys were already full. Luckily we’d scanned the roads on Google Maps and the next lay-by had some spaces.


After a busy 30 minutes inflating SUPs and kayaks and transferring our vast amounts of stuff to the beach we were ready for breakfast.


A stunning morning and Coniston has quickly become my favourite of the major lakes.


As well as facilitating an earlier start, nothing beats an alfresco breakfast. The chef looks especially happy!


We spent a wonderful few hours, swimming and messing about on inflatable craft.


Me and TBF took an extended paddle across the lake to Peel Island (made famous in the “Swallows and Amazons” book)


The views across the water to the Coniston Fells were superb.


We did a lazy circuit of Peel Island.


Views towards what I think were the Hellvellyn range and the Fairfield horseshoe.


This little Bay was full of kids jumping off rocks and generally having fun.


TJF really has got the hang of the SUP and did a couple of full circuits of Peel Island.


After more food me and TJS took a paddle back to the bay with the DBs and TBB for jumping fun. TJS is much more at home looking cool and relaxed!


The water below these rocks was deep enough – just – for some decent jumps.


DB Senior.




A little video clip of a couple of jumps.

I did some jumps myself. View from the top of the rocks. Mark actually swam all the way across which was pretty impressive. He wasn’t 100% sure he could make it all the way back so after ferrying TJF back I came back to pick him up.


Time for a change of activity. Me, TJS and TBF went for a walk up the nearby Beacon Fell.


It was a pretty hot and sultry climb through the bracken.


But the views were magnificent.


Its a great vantage point for the Coniston Fells.


As well as Coniston Water itself.


South towards Morecambe Bay and the South Lakes Peninsulas.


Beacon Tarn. I had toyed with idea of walking down there for a swim but it was hot and we had a perfectly good lake to swim in already.


We wandered back over the top and started to make our way down.


As we did we started getting messages that DB Junior had taken a shuttlecock in the eye and had gone to casualty as he couldn’t see out of it. We were all very worried as he seemed very upset, very disconcerting as the DBs are normally pretty robust and take their many bumps and scrapes in their stride. He looked shaken when we saw him later that evening and went to bed with a headache and badly impaired vision. Later on he came back down looking much better and brighter and after a couple of days and more consultations with the specialists, all was on the mend. Much relief all round.


Not quite the ending to the day we were all hoping for but everything ok in the end. We had a last little swim and a cuppa while the sun began to hide behind the fells, packed up and headed home.


Still a fabulous day out and the memories of fun and frolics will live long in the memory.


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  1. Ouch to the shuttlecock accident – glad he’s on the mend.

    We always used to hire a rowing boat for the half day and row down to Peel Island. Nowadays, the Coniston boats aren’t as well looked after as they were back in the day when they belonged to an oldish chap – he really looked after them. Now you get things like loose bulwarks and generally poor condition of the woodwork. As the boats are over 100 years old, that’s pretty sad really.

    I’m hoping to take my inflatable rowing boat up to Beacon Tarn sometime. We love the walk up there.


    • I prefer using my own craft and paddling is much easier than rowing!
      I’ve considered buying a pack raft a couple of times but I don’t think the UK has enough suitable terrain to use one, especially down south. Love to take a trip around the Scandinavian lakes a rivers some time


      • I think rowing is much easier than paddling – you’re just leaning back and ‘putting your back into it’, whereas paddling forward kind of goes against natural ergonomics as your arms would prefer to go the other way for strength


  2. “Luckily we’d scanned the roads on Google Maps and the next lay-by had some spaces.” – I was ready to give you all the credit for that, but thinking back, I think I did have a look too – if you’re not careful you might be a good influence on me.
    Peel Island is called something else in the S&A books, but I can’t quite remember what. Oh – maybe Wildcat Island?
    Haven’t been to either Beacon Fell or Beacon Tarn for a very long time – I can see I need to put that right. The views from the fell are magnificent. I’m guessing you got a tick there?
    Here’s an account of a swim at Beacon Tarn, from a blog which I think is handy for research, although I’m not sure about changing in the rain:
    I’ve been dining out on my epic swim ever since.
    Unfortunately, I think it may take a while for me to look back on this day fondly. S’s eye still not completely right.


    • Oh no! I assumed after the good progress he seemed to be making while we were there that everything would be sorted by now or least well on the way. Sorry if the post has been a bit glib in that regard. I should have checked in with you first before I wrote it.
      That’s a really useful site although it looks like she isn’t writing posts any more. Beacon Tarn now definitely a target for a swim (yes, Beacon Fell was a new tick!)
      Google Maps is extremely handy for practical stuff like parking spaces etc. I use it all the time to plan trips and days out


  3. Wishing DB all the best for his eye, sounds a horrid accident, although I’m a bit squeamish with eyes so the thought of it makes me twitch a bit. Love the walking around the Blawith fells and further west in Dunnerdale. Spent a week in Torver one year and enjoyed many walks up Beacon Fell, Great Stickle, Caw and the brilliant Stickle Pike. Plenty of tarns around all those fells to dip in as well


    • I’ve not been up Caw and Stickle Pike for many a year, both cracking little hills with many bits of scrambling to add entertainment to the day. Torver is a really nice spot and the pub there is excellent. We stayed there a couple of years back. Its a good spot to climb the Coniston Fells from. Adds a couple of miles but its free and easy to park avoiding the madness of Coniston itself.

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  4. A beautiful day for messing about on the lake. Pity about the injury – hope all well now.


  5. What an awesome day except for the eye incident. I thought the angle of the ‘jumping’ rocks was fraught with more danger. I hope by now, full sight has returned.


    • I think DB Junior’s eye is mending but its taking a lot longer than anyone thought. So unlucky to catch it in the eye so badly.
      The jumps were fun but you did have watch where you landed!


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