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Half term week and with campsites likely to be heaving and expensive (or both) we needed a plan. Luckily our great friends in Lancaster offered their home as a weekend base (well actually I kind of invited myself but you get the idea!). As an added bonus our other camping friend J-Dog (don’t ask – I have no idea where her kids got the nickname from) was coming as well, sadly without said kids in tow, almost the French camping gang back together.


So there followed a weekend of doing lots of stuff without doing anything in particular – which is just how I like these weekends. Local walks, garden time and plenty of food and drink. On top of that we all get on so well and are easy in each others company so many laughs were in order.


We took an extra day to drive up on Friday and after a fine lunch at a Garden Centre arrived in time for evening stroll across The Lots and through to Woodwell to look at the pond and its newts. The white flowers of wild garlic taking over from the Bluebells. Absolutely stunning although as Mark commented the aroma of Garlic is quite overpowering after a while.


Saturday was warm and largely sunny so we took another walk around The Lots and back through the village. My actual recollection of the day is a little vague if I’m honest but that’s a good thing – I think?


We did spend a lot of time in the garden playing our favourite game of Kubb as well as being enticed in to riding the Flicker – a sort of three-wheeled scooter. I have less than fond memories of the one we bought for TJF. It took an age to put together, and she rarely used it. TBF however seemed to like this one, getting the hip-wiggling just right to make it move. I watched on as she had fun, refusing point blank to get involved (from the person who once broke his hand falling off a pogo stick into a pond).


This is the view from the garden – hard work sitting around and looking at it while drinking cold beers.


Sunday was glorious, clear sharp blue skies and warm sunshine. After another endless breakfast we set out for another short walk. This time across the fields….


Through the woods…..


Down to the coast…..


And Jenny Brown’s Point.


That endless stretch of close cropped grass was just begging to be sat on and a brew made – so we did! Fabulous spot laze away an hour.


Looking out over Morecambe Bay and Quicksand Pool.


And back towards Lancaster and the Forest of Bowland.


As we wandered back there was a sort of mini-tidal bore with water rushing several directions at quite a pace across the sand banks and channels. Reminder of what a dangerous place the bay can be if you get caught out in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Back along the coast via Jack Scout.


Via the village cafe to stock up on freshly baked pies for lunch with more sunny views across to Fareleton Fell in the distance.


This evening’s sport-related entertainment was basketball – I’m not quite sure why we were forced to wear the ridiculous hat but it fitted the rather jolly mood.


Rather pleased with this finger tip action shot.


To finish off the day we went for an evening stroll down to the beach to watch the sunset, drink beer and light a fire.


Collecting firewood, which looked a bit sparse but we collected more than enough for a decent blaze.


The lack of clouds meant it wasn’t an especially spectacular sunset but it was mild, calm and peaceful.


Not a bad little driftwood fire.


Shiny, happy people, laughing.


After collecting one of the DBs from a DoE expedition, Mark came down to join us and enjoy the warmth of the fire and the chill of a beer or two.


TBF keeping warm with a combination of winter duvet jacket and fire.


And a real favourite pic of the weekend. A great way to finish a truly great day. More to come….


11 responses to “More “Our Friends In the North” Part 1

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  1. Some lovely weather in those photos


    • To say we struck lucky with the weather on that weekend was an understatement! A fabulous weekend proving that as long as the sun shines and you are with friends and family, all is good 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Can’t believe you’ve forgotten about Kobe O’Bryant! Mind, I’d forgotten that amazing tidal bore, so I can’t speak.


    • Still not quite sure why we found that so disproportionately funny. Maybe be the beer, maybe just it was a weekend of laughter (Saturday night football excepted!). Sitting on the beach with the fire was a highlight for me


  3. What is not to like about this post? Friends, laughter, nature at its best, driftwood fire, all add to enviable joy, especially warranted after your year of Covid.


  4. That hot sunny weather seems a distant memory now!


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