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Going back a couple of weeks again. That’s the problem with being off work in nice weather. I’m out and about more often than I can find time to write them up. Its a tough life.


I’ve been enjoying revisiting all my favourite Welsh walks since they opened the border. Bryn Arw has always been a favourite, either as a post work walk on my way home from Bristol or when a short simple walk is needed.


A bright Sunday and time to head out early and cook breakfast in the sunshine. Best time to be out.


Thinking back, the last time I walked this small charming hill was the day when the very first lockdown was introduced. I was up early around 6am, on the summit by 7am and home and back at my desk for work by 9am. The talk of lockdown was gathering pace so later that day I drove the 400 mile round trip to Lancaster to bring TJS home, by the time we were back Lockdown was in effect. It was an interesting day to say the least.


Back to this day and it was a gorgeous morning, all blue skies and sunshine albeit with a keen and chilly wind. The Sugar Loaf looks particularly fetching from Bryn Arw so no apologies for it appearing in many of this post’s photos.


Ysgyryd Fawr is also very prominent from here although the early morning position of the sun not highlighting it at its best.


It’s a steep little climb, but once up its a wonderful easy walk along its grassy ridge. I must have been up here a dozen times now, maybe more, and I have never seen anyone up here. One of the best kept secrets in this corner of Wales.


Several views looking across to the Black Mountains.


The Sugar Loaf.


The hill fort of Twyn y Gaer.


A distant view of the Brecon Beacons summits.


Time to eat! We had to hunt around a bit before finding a sheltered spot in a small hollow lined by gorse bushes. Not a bad spot and view to eat breakfast.


And the classic Bacon and Egg butty to complete the occasion!


Being out in the hills is more than just exercise. Sitting in the warm sun soaking up the views is just as important.


When they are this good, the sitting and eating is as important as the walk itself.


A final Sugar Loaf shot as we headed back to the car and an afternoon sat in the sunshine in the garden, exercise box ticked for the day.


10 responses to “Bryn Arw Breakfast

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  1. Sat watching the rain dribble down the windows, the sunny days seem a bit of a distant memory already. However its great to see these posts of the good weather still and a cracking sandwich as well


  2. Sadly your secret of this hike is safe with me!
    I love the openess of all your walks. Sitting and enjoying the view on such a fine day was a must! I would love to be able to take breakfast or lunch in my back pack as you do but Aussie walks aren’t generally long or begging you to sit and ponder.


    • Its a running joke among some of our little group, just how often and for how long we stop on days walk! Its not been a great day unless you can have major, long stops with hot drinks at least two or three times and sometimes more.


  3. “Its not been a great day unless you can have major, long stops with hot drinks at least two or three times and sometimes more”
    Absolutely. I’m trying to carry that approach over into my lone walks too.
    How does TBF break her fast – I can’t imagine its with a bacon butty. Does she bring a bowl of twigs?
    Storming views btw.


    • If the weather looks ok and up early enough then I try and cook breakfast while I’m out as there is nothing better than a fresh cooked meal. I almost always carry a stove for a brew unless its a really short walk or the weather looks wet. TBF is livin’ the breakfast dream (cereal bars, fruit, plain wraps with no filling etc). You choose! 🤣


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