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Quick post from another morning stroll up Garway Hill, a firm favourite when a short outing is required.


Stunning clear morning after our Stiperstones walk.


Reversing the usual direction of the walk to finish on the summit. The fields that were sodden just a few short weeks ago now dry and a perfect walking carpet.


The trees along the lane looking superb against the blue sky backdrop.


Out into the open on Garway Hill Common.


Hazy views over the Black Mountains and Sugar Loaf


And no finer way to celebrate a warm spring morning than a fresh brew of tea on the summit.


Easter “staycation” (I hate that word) working out rather well.



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10 responses to “More Garway Hill

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  1. Great to see the blue skies again. Hopefully more to come now we’re able to get out and about more. Mind you, living where you do, you’ve not done too bad.


    • I keep reminding myself when the COVID stuff enters my head that we are so very, very lucky. We live in the countryside, can walk/cycle from the house, have had some decent weather and the virus has been through the house with no lasting effects. So many people have suffered so very badly both with the virus and the associated effects, mental health issues, economic impacts etc.


      • Yes, you are indeed lucky in that respect. You even have a legitimate excuse to come up north too
        We’re not out of this mess just yet but there is some light at the end of the tunnel, but people still need to be sensible (which many aren’t).


        • Whenever I head out for walk I always look for the quieter spots, away from crowds (although I tend to anyway even before COVID). Luckily most of South Wales is empty of walkers (they are all on Pen-y-Fan which I avoid most of the time. I’ve also read several studies that indicate risk of transmission in this kind of outdoor environment (as opposed to crowded outdoors like pub gardens etc) is extremely low providing its not excessively crowded like Snowdon summit on a sunny day


          • Yes, outdoors presents minimal risk of transmission – provided reasonable distance is maintained.
            My walks over the last few weeks have been selected to be “lonely” – and that’s what I like anyway.
            Hope the job interview went well. I’m off to hospital shortly for a minor op (day procedure, nothing serious) so will probably be offline for a few days


  2. Only managed one walk so far where its been warm enough out of the wind to lie like that last photo. Managed to get scooched down behind Lynch Tor on my Fur Tor walk, sun in my face and out of the wind. Looks nice on this walk as well, although we haven’t seen the warmer weather yet this spring


    • We’ve had a few walks now where, with some care, we’ve found sunny spots to linger and enjoy a bit of warm sun. Although as you’ll see from my next post, winter has been very close to hand!

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  3. Wow – totally cloudless skies – stunning.



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