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31st March represented a change of circumstances for me. After over 9 years (with a couple of breaks), I completed my project and program at EE and decided it was time to move on to something new. I’ll be looking for work over the next couple of months but for now it was time for a break and spend some time with the family over Easter.


Good Friday looked dull and cloudy but late morning saw the skies start to clear so we decided to head out for a short walk. By the time we’d parked up it had turned into a glorious day of sunshine and cloudless blue skies, if a little chilly in the brisk wind.


Time for classic short circuit around the Black Darren land slip, short stretch of the ridge along Offa’s Dyke and back to the car.


The little ridge looked fantastic on such a clear day.


The views were stunningly clear.


Me and TBF decided to tackle the short steep scramble while TJS preferred the easier walking option.


It’s a grand little ridge with some interesting moves although over all too quickly.


TBF in action.


And posing for the photo after the crux move.


The little grassy ridge that follows is a delight, expansive views and much like the Cats Back ridge (seen here in the background to the right) very much out of character with the rest of the range.


Magnificent views across the Shire.


TJS playing catch up.


Ascending the final path to the broad ridge.


The little pool that marks the point where you follow the thin paths back down to the road.


Looking back to our way up.


And a final view across to the Olchon Valley and Cats Back ridge. Easter and my own brave new world off to a great start.


12 responses to “New Beginnings

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  1. Glorious weather by the looks of it, and some stunning views to boot.


  2. That was always my favourite type of hill walk – narrow grassy ridges! No idea why lol. Fingers crossed for your venture into the job market. Enjoy the break.


    • There is something about walking on cropped grass that I love, especially in Limestone areas, not entirely sure why. This little ridge is very short, only a couple of hundred metres long but it always brings a smile to my face.


  3. Love that little scramble up the nose and lovely weather for it


  4. A grand start to new beginnings!


  5. Good luck with the job search. But it’s good to take a break from the grindstone. I keep trying to slow down but I’m not finding it easy – turning down work goes against the grain. Mind you, I’ve a couple of weeks enforced rest starting later this week.


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