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With TJS home, we want to plan in plenty of walks but as he’s been stuck inside studying for months he’s somewhat out of shape. The old man is leaving him trailing in his wake! To ease him back into to proper walking he wanted to keep it easy so another revisit to the Kington Hills was in order.


To give the walk an extra bit of bite we parked up by the Church in Kington and walked up the steep hillside to the Golf Course rather than driving up there to park. We came across a little gaggle of recently born and dyed lambs!


Its actually quite a pleasant walk over the fields to the Golf Course if a bit steep for those struggling with fitness!


The expected wide views across the Shire to the Black Mountains.


And back into Herefordshire.


The Golf Course was looking good and readying itself for players in a couple of days time.


This time we did the route the opposite way round to the way we normally do, Bradnor Hill first the Herrock and Rushock Hill.

Hergest Ride and Hanter Hill.


Stanner Rocks where we’d walked the previous week.


Repeat views from the top of Bradnor Hill.


We took a different route down to the valley that worked very well. I’m now fine tuning the walks round here to make some really good and accessible circuits. Heading for Herrock Hill in the distance for lunch.


For some reason I stopped taking photos for a couple hours, so no images from Herrock Hill, lunch, Rushock Hill or Offa’s Dyke. Just this one from the fields above the Golf Course.


And another of the Church before we went home. Kington really is one of the best places for easy strolls on quiet hills with plenty of interest. Expect to see them regularly on the blog.


6 responses to “Same Walk, Different Direction

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  1. “For some reason I stopped taking photos for a couple hours” – surely you had a lot of catching up to do? I often find I’ve done that when I walk in company. Professor Longhair seemed reasonably fit on Tuesday, although I suppose we were walking at a pace which even I found comfortable, so that might not say much. I was very sleepy yesterday – I’m obviously out of practice!
    Something good to come out of these miserable times, your discovery of these shapely hills.


    • He has a new nickname – I like it! Not sure he will though.
      I’d only ever really walked Hergest Ridge around Kington until the past 12 months but I’ve done this walk and it’s variations many times since. They are indeed very shapely.
      Great day on Tuesday, so good to see everyone properly and not too shabby a Birthday walk. I was shattered on Wednesday but I want to do it again!


      • It was a great birthday walk – TBH got frustrated with me yesterday, as soon as I sat down I started to drift off.


        • Worth every minute of the early start. Really good that the whole gang made it as well. I think the wintry spell kind of gave the day a bit of edge as well. Definitely a meet up when I take Danny back, maybe another over the May weekend.

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  2. You’re getting the hang of these hills now. Love the lambs photo, for some reason I’ve not managed to get a shot of any yet


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