The French Connection – Tarn Gorge Camping   11 comments

So onwards to new areas and new experiences. A slightly wet pack down in the Dordogne after overnight storms but a nice easy paced and very pleasant drive through France and over to our other favourite spot and campsite (La Blaquiere) in the Tarn Gorge. A more relaxed set up and we were all done in time for swims and tea. Its a superb campsite and this time we had huge pitches overlooking the river. Just wonderful.

Next morning was stunning and we enjoyed a lazy post-travel day just sitting in the sun and swimming.


Our little home from home set up looking good with new sun canopy.


We spent just over a week here, just enjoying these wonderful scenes.


These shots show the campsite and its riverside setting. Everything here that you need with regular pizzas, chicken roasts and the local delicacy of Aligot (cheesy mash and sausages) as well as a small cafe selling excellent burgers.


Of course the main attraction is the gorge itself and the views are just magnificent. I love the Dordogne and it has so much more variety of activities but if pushed I’d still say my heart belongs to the Tarn.


Its a perfect family spot with a huge beach for sunbathing, shallow water for the little ones and deeper pools for swimming and jumping. Its also great for snorkelling as the river is teeming with fish.


Upstream view towards the narrows of Les Detroits.


The cliffs overlooking the campsite.


We were somewhat surprised to see that when we were up on the edge of the gorge, the cliffs we could see directly from the campsite are but a small portion of the total depth.


Downstream view.


For the more adventurous this was the place to head. “Le Rocher de Champignon”, Mushroom Rock is a well known site from both the river and road. The cliff underneath is perched above an extremely deep pool and is perfect for big jumps as well as more great swimming and snorkelling.

The DBs entering the water and getting ready for jumps.


There are platforms at various levels and heights and we spent a lot of time down here. It was especially fine in late afternoon and early evening when all these photos were taken.


Looking back towards the campsite.


This is the new member of the DB gang, an inflatable Killer Whale that I’ve had for years and thought would be a fun addition this time. On our trips to the jump spots we took him with us to join in the fun. He was therefore given the name DB Aquatic.


I decided to play with the Slo-Mo setting on my phone for the jump-fun and they came out rather well. Even DBA gets in on the act at the end


Its a fantastic little spot and the icing on the cake of a quite superb place to spend a week.


Plenty more Tarn adventures to come.


11 responses to “The French Connection – Tarn Gorge Camping

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  1. Awesome stuff, although that DB Aquatic needs to work on his form in the air and his entry was just rubbish. A mark of 2.0 from this judge


  2. Wow, I love the slo mo, but if I was actually there, my heart would be in my mouth every jump. The sound captured on water entry is incredible. On the final jump of DB Aquatic was the moaning sound from its entry?
    Brilliant spot to relax before returning to the madness of UK Covid.


    • Watching the DBs has caused me a lot of anxiety over the years – you just have too get used to it. I even managed a couple of the bigger jumps. I normally take the sound out of the clips but the slo-mo sound is rather odd and adds to the vibe. Its a wonderful place and we enjoyed a couple of weeks of normality before the madness that seems to have returned and becomes more confusing by the day in the UK.


  3. Nice video. That’s not my experience of camping outdoors however which is more of a wraparound the body thin canvas affair with a stone as a pillow. Being a single guy and a true spartan I still shun all luxury as temptations of Satan.


    Blue Sky Scotland
  4. It is a fantastic spot. Superb video, although I think it might look even higher on film than it did when we were there. That’s way bigger than the ‘mega-leap’ into Tongue Pot so the boys have surpassed me.


    • I suspect they will start looking for even bigger jumps now. I definitely reached my limit. Nothing better than sitting alongside, swimming in and jumping in that deep clear water of rivers and lakes. Happy times.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Look pretty fantastic.


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