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The journey back home from the airport after my ski trip through some truly appalling weather, some the heaviest rain I’ve ever seen in the UK, was a taste of things to come.


February was a dreadful month with seemingly endless rain, storms and in the case of my county, floods. After two weeks of this we finally had chance for a stroll round our village to check out the water levels.


These photos were of three of the five routes out of the village. The other two were just as bad, effectively cutting off the village for anyone without a 4WD or SUV.


Whilst we are relatively near the river Wye all of these floods are just a result of excessive rain, blocked ditches and a high water table. You would never walk around the village in summer and think it was an area prone to floods.


Flood damage in Madley was limited but the Wye in Herefordshire broke all existing records going back a couple of centuries by over half a metre! The damage in the towns of Ross and Hereford has been very sad to witness, businesses will likely be finished as a result.


Our usual walk around the fields is a very muddy one at present, sections are impassable.


This grove of trees normally has just a babbling brook running through it.


The water table is effectively at the surface so even if we get a spell of a few days without rain, one spell of rain and it’s all back again. It’s hard to tell if the fields will dry out any time soo.


Makes for some nice images but what I’d give to be able to walk round and not see huge expanses of mud and water.


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6 responses to “Water! Water! Everywhere!

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  1. Andy, this is so sad to read. Having driven and walked through this beautiful area, I hate to imagine the flood levels and the damage and heart ache caused.


    • We haven’t suffered too badly in my village but Hereford itself where the main part of the town sits right on top of the river has been very badly affected. Ross on Wye survived ok as most of the town is up on a bluff above the river. You may have walked through place called Symonds Yet when you visited and the large pub there was flooded to halfway up the ground floor windows!


  2. It’s mind boggling imagining the water level at Symonds Yat. The damage through this narrow valley must be awful. I wonder if the camp near the the suspension bridge survived.


  3. And it’s still raining! Apparently, we’re in a positive North Atlantic Oscillation phase. I guess you know about these things, but it was news to me. I hope it finishes soon.


    • That’s in Uncle Fester’s domain, he’s probably used that phrase but we normally switch off when he goes into full weather bullshit mode. Another wet weekend it seems. Just off out hoping to catch a window

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