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Enough of those images of warm sunshine and smug words about sunset beers etc. On returning to the UK, I was a man of leisure. My contract had finished and I didn’t have a new one to go to. I had grand plans to walk the hills and make sure I did some form of outdoor exercise every day while I looked for a new role somewhere. The British winter weather put pay to that. The first week or so was wet and windy with several days of ceaseless rain. Trips out were limited to short bike rides between the rain and the odd walk. This first image is from one of those bike rides looking put over my local fields and hills.


Main focus of the post is from a short, wild and windy trip into the Black Mountains above Llanthony.


The Black Darren is a landslip that’s created a series of “false” ridges and valleys that make a fine walk. It’s about the shortest drive from home and only takes an hour or so, ideal for a short break between rain showers.


I scrambled the main “ridge” quite exposed and delicate in the high winds but worth it for expansive views of the pastoral Herefordshire countryside.


No place to hang around on top of the ridge, windy and cold.


I found a sunny and almost sheltered spot for a very brief sit down to admire the views.


As it’s the most easterly off the ridges of the Black Mountains you can see for miles when the air is clear like this.


What was striking was just how wet and muddy underfoot it was after what seems like endless rain this winter. It will become a theme of my next few posts!


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  1. It’s been almost relentless hasn’t it? Hoping for some half decent weather at some point this week.


    • I don’t think I’ve ever seen the fields, paths and hills so wet and muddy. I’ve had to give up cycling round the local lanes as there are long term floods everywhere. Cycling with wet feet in winter is no fun.


  2. I’ve given up on cold winter walks in clear crisp weather. Roll on the summer I say as Storm Dennis pounds my windows!!


    • No chance of a walk today. My village is pretty much cut off by flood waters. May have to go out from the house and do a bit flood water tourism. Pining for some cold frosty weather rather than this endless rain

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      • Been reading on the BBC about South Wales and Herefordshire/Worcester area. Doesn’t look good there at all


        • My village is pretty much cut off by floodwater at the moment, not from the river, just water coming off the fields and on to the roads. The Wye will peak tomorrow morning. Considering its already higher than the record that’s pretty worrying for the city. Where I live we are fine, just can’t drive anywhere.


  3. I really enjoyed seeing the English / Welsh [?] countryside again. I thought lovely and sunny, if chilly, between showers. Then I read comments and fully realise how miserable it has been and continues to be. Flooding here from all our rain too and now it is unbelieveably hot and humid. Can’t complain as the lush green is so very welcome, after the drought months.


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