The Great Escape – A Walk Around Tamadaba   9 comments

Our second mountain walk and we headed back to Tamadaba. We fancied a walk out to the end (or as close to the end as we could) of Risco Faneque, the right hand peak in the photo below.


And a view from our visit up here earlier in the holiday.


It was a bit hazier this time around, possibly a result of sand and dust that blows in from the Sahara from time to time. It was still warm and sunny though which is the main thing.


It was further and more down hill from the car park than I thought and it took a while to reach the point of no continue. The walk through the pine forests was still nice with fire damage not as obvious here although in places it had made an impact.


Spectacular views down the coast as always from up here.


We reached another dizzying overlook before retracing our steps. I did have a look at carrying on but the scrambling was a little loose and obvious I was not going to make it to the very end, protected as it is by a significant rock cliff.


We returned to the wooden platform overlook on the campsite for lunch. A really superb spot.


To make a circuit of things we walked around the cliffs, through the picnic area and up onto Pico La Bandera.


The southern slopes had been badly affected by the fire and this view would not normally be as expansive through the lush pine forests.


A short break on the summit while I wandered over to look at the fire tower (hoping to climb it but it was, unsurprisingly, locked up)


A short walk back to the car and back home to watch another sunset, a glorious one this time with the added cloud cover. Have to wait for another post for those images.


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9 responses to “The Great Escape – A Walk Around Tamadaba

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  1. Osprey Talon 33 is that? If so it looks as well used as mine, fine rucksack that always seems to fit more in than I need!


    • It is indeed. Osprey make superb packs, I have a couple of them for day use, the Talon 33 for summer and a bigger Variant 37 for winter which is huge. Both are very heavily used and look a bit worse for wear now. I should try Osprey next time I upgrade my multi-day pack although I love my Granite Gear one – gear talk!! 🙂

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      • My talon 22 finally gave up the ghost after many years of hard labour on walks and as my rucksack for work. Still have my 33 which is going well and a bigger kestrel 48 which I need for camping with the boys. Perhaps need to look into another, you can never have too many osprey!!

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  2. Dizzying heights and spectacular views. The Gran Canaria has it all.


  3. Beautiful aerial type views. It provides a good overview of the entire area.


  4. Amazing views again. It’s all a bit precipitous isn’t it?



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