Winter in the Church Stretton Alps   4 comments

So, a bit of an exaggeration – the Alps – but they are pretty distinctive range of hills and in Caer Caradoc, a proper mountain in miniature.

A slap up breakfast in the Lazy Trout cafe to kick things off, followed by a lashing downpour while we tried to suit and boot ready for the walk. Cardingmill Valley is real tourist hot spot and difficult to park on in summer – not today.


Patience pays off though and the skies cleared quickly to an expansive blue. Cardingmill valley transformed.


For the next hour or so we were treated to some glorious views, if a little soggy underfoot.


Views from the high path above the valley and down by the road were superb.


First big hill of the day, Ragleth Hill, and storm clouds were gathering again.


It’s a brutally steep climb to the top where the wind was howling and rain seemed imminent.


Its a fine high level grassy ridge and we struck lucky as the heavy rains that seemed destined just missed us


Looking south towards the Marches and the South Wales Mountains.


Stormy clouds over the Long Mynd.


We had some wonderful sunshine across the top, views along towards Caer Caradoc and Hope Bowdler Hill.


TBF lagging behind – she had a bad cold and was struggling a bit – probably shouldn’t have been out in weather like this.


TBF decided she’d had enough fresh weather for one day and headed off to a cafe. We decided to tackle Hope Bowdler Hill having not been up before.


We got our only real soaking of the day on the way up and I neglected to take a photo of the very impressive Gaer Stone as we went past.


As we approached the summit the skies began to clear.


We were treated to some dark and moody autumnal/winter scenes.


And as we reached the summit we timed it to perfection for a glorious spell of sunshine. Caer Caradoc looked majestic.


The mountain men enjoying the wild conditions.


It was even pleasant enough out of the wind for a very brief lunch stop in the sunshine.


On these sorts of days sunshine doesn’t last long and soon the skies darkened and rain again looked inevitable but we escaped with nothing more than a few spots.


We would have climbed Caer Caradoc but we felt we’d used up all our luck and with short winter day we felt the calling from the Cardingmill Cafe was a stronger motivation.


A dangerous shot of an approaching train but I liked the light on the rails!


Superb day in wild weather, were very lucky to miss pretty much all the rain and had some superb clear blue patches and dramatic light. And Tea and Scones to finish 🙂


4 responses to “Winter in the Church Stretton Alps

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  1. So much better to see posts with sunshine on them. Like you I don’t mind showers that pass to clear to blue skies, far better than the dreary grey


  2. The Shropshire hills have been on my hit list for soo long. This post certainly shows them to good advantage. I’ll get there one day!


    • A fine range of mini-mountains. Together with Stiperstones and the hills around Churchstoke many days of very good walking to be had. Just a bit muddy at the moment. Any walk that takes in fields and farms to be avoided around here at the moment.

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