Another "Go-To" – Hatterall Hill   4 comments

Into December and winter was here. Another cold and blustery day but with the promise of sunshine dragged me out for another walk.


Another go to favourite of Hatterall Hill, the large corrie and circuit at the end of the eastern ridge of the Black Mountains.


After parking up at the Cwmyoy village hall the first stretch is lovely open pasture through to the village itself. At least it was. Its now planted with crops and after endless rain it was a soggy, muddy mess. Views were still great though.


Up through the village and past my favourite wonky church.


And the steep climb onto the small peak above the village created by an ancient landslip.


The views across the end of the Vale of Ewyas to Ysgyryd Fawr were superb.


There was more cloud about than I’d hoped but it did create some nice light effects.


By the the time I was heading back along the other side to the Trig Pillar the sky over me cleared to a stunning blue and the views were magnificent.


The horizon clouds were creating wonderful images and light effects.


Even the bracken looks grand in this light.


The walk down the end of the ridge was a sheer delight in these conditions


Rather than walk on my usual route that repeats the now soggy crop field, I walked to the far end of the ridge and down the narrow lanes to reach the car. The lanes were swamped with mud and were not much drier than the fields but it was nice to try a slightly different route for a change.


Only one day into December but it was already more memorable than November for walking (Barcelona aside!)


4 responses to “Another "Go-To" – Hatterall Hill

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  1. Look at that lovely weather, some of that back would be good. Love the wonky church, I guess the builder forgot his plumb bob and level that day


    • I’ve still never been inside the church but its wonderful from the outside, hardly a bit of it that’s straight but its still standing after 100’s of years so I guess it will survive. Being built on the side of a very steep hill can’t have helped. Probably my favourite local walk this one

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  2. Lovely light in those photos. Please set out half an hour earlier next time and take some photos inside that church!


    • I always do this walk in something of a rush as I use it as a filler on short days or after work etc hence I never seem to have time to look inside. I faithfully promise to do on my next visit – when have I ever lied to you 🙂

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