Hay Bluff and Lord Hereford’s Knob (No Sniggering at the Back)   6 comments

Despite the poor weather through November we are lucky to have some decent short walks within a 30 min drive. Hay Bluff and LHK are a classic combo. With a very high start that avoids the endlessly muddy fields at low level, its ideal for a grey day with a chance of an afternoon clearance.


Its a steep climb to the top but the views across the upper Wye Valley and mid-Wales mountains is ample compensation.


It was pretty dark and threatening all round but we were suddenly bathed in a blue patch and all was sunny.


One of the advantages of Autumn and Winter days of sunshine and showers is that sunshine parts can be as glorious as any time of year.


The golden light lifts the spirits and we decided to head up LHK as well. We had planned to just walk back to the car given the dark skies.


Views from the summit where a woman was singing at the top of her voice as I approached and seemed acutely embarrassed that I’d heard her (she was pretty good actually)


Its an out and back and the cold wind pushed us off the summit pretty quickly.


There are few paths that wander about the slopes but its a quiet road up to the Gospel Pass so we just walked the road.


The contrast between the sunshine and the brooding clouds was awesome.


A short walk and good to get out at least for a couple of hours.


6 responses to “Hay Bluff and Lord Hereford’s Knob (No Sniggering at the Back)

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  1. And you said some of the names on my posts were good. Who came up with Lord Herefords Knob! I laughed out loud when I saw the title of this one. Great walk though and some fantastic skies in those photos.


    • And of course we have Fan y Big just down the road. Some good Scottish ones as well. There are Big and Little Shit Cairns (Can Carn Mor and Cac Carn Bheag on Lochnagar) and the Mamores translates literally as “Mammaries”

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  2. “The contrast between the sunshine and the brooding clouds was awesome.”
    Still awesome in the photographs too.


  3. Ditto Beatingthebounds comment.


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