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Moving into October and the sunshine of our Skiddaw walk drifted into history as rain and grey clouds took over. A weekend in the NW staying with the Hard Man for a Saturday trip into Manchester for a footy match. A truly dreadful spell of weather had us dodging floods on the way in and a soaking on the way to the match. On the upside we found an awesome new spot for breakfast and Man City won the game. Afterwards a very convivial afternoon spent in the pub drinking beer and a curry afterwards as the rain stopped.


Forecast for Sunday was pretty good so we met up with UF for a walk around Macclesfield Forest. It was extremely busy and we only just found a spot in one of the more remote car parks. However the sun was shining so we set off in good spirits.


Macclesfield Forest is s lovely spot for an easy Sunday walk. Mixed woodland and a succession of reservoirs make for interesting views and diversions.


A view across to Teggs Nose Country Park, more of which later.


Ridgegate Reservoir.


We stopped for a cuppa and lunch by Trentabank Reservoir. The weather so far hadn’t been as sunny as promised but from here onwards the skies began to really clear and we had some fabulous views for the remainder of the day.


Onwards to the Matterhorn of the title.


Shutlingsloe is relatively diminutive in height at only 506m but its isolated position and steep summit make it a very obvious landmark.


Its has some marvellous views and is one of my favourite small hills.


Selfie – I was happy, honestly, not good at smiling in photos.


We managed to find a sheltered and sunny spot on the eastern flanks for a rest and contemplation.


The rest of the party contoured around the summit but I went back over. Its always worth a second look around from the top.


There is no marked path over Buxtors Hill back to the car but there is one. Very boggy at first (there is netting to prevent being dragged down to a peaty hell) but the views over the forest and the Cheshire Plain are immense.


This short stretch has become a real favourite of mine.


Our walk was effectively a circuit of this broad forested valley.


It was a relatively short walk and we finished earlier than planned and had eyes on a evening meal before we headed home. To fill an extra hour we drove around to Teggs Nose Country Park for another short stroll.


Its an interesting spot full of old quarry workings and machinery and with more immense views.


A look back over our route from earlier in the day, Shutlingsloe centre.

A great day out to end a fine weekend.


8 responses to “Macclesfield Forest and Peak District Matterhorn

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  1. Tegg’s Nose is on UF’s doorstep isn’t it?
    I assume the Hardman didn’t attend the footie, but was he on the walk with you?


  2. I’m keeping quiet about the football, so far in front that I can’t believe it will stay that way. The walk looks superb, some great views of the reservoir and so nice to see some sunshine on a walk, even if it was from October

    Liked by 1 person

    • Footy not good this season and especially this evening 😦
      This was the only decent day I can remember between October and late November. Shutlingsloe is well worth a walk if you are ever up this way


  3. If you are tired of the rain, please send it this way! Your green vistas are a joy to view.


  4. Been catching up on your December posts. Why have I missed them?
    I’ve never been over this way walking. Looks like it would be worth driving over some time, even if that does mean braving the Thelwall car park on the M6!


    • Macclesfield Forest is really nice to walk through, especially when the weather looks grim higher up. Shutlingsloe is one of my favourites, some superb views and has a proper little mountain feel – its a steep little bugger though! 🙂


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