Sale Fell and Ling Fell   12 comments

The day after the sunshine before. Waking to strong winds and rain battering the windows. A leisurely breakfast and several aborted attempts to get out while the rain hammered down. Eventually time to head out while it was just a steady drizzle, heading for a couple of smaller summits.


Showers on and and off while we climbed the bracken and grass slopes of Sale Fell.


Despite the gloomy and wet weather I enjoyed the walk up. Its a fine summit of grassy ridges and bumps with its steep sides affording expansive views – albeit of mostly cloud covered summits.


Quite a group of us on the top but several decided this was enough for one day and went down for Sunday lunch in the pub.


The intrepid remainers carried on and after another very heavy shower things took a massive upturn.


Summits cleared and then the sun came out, tentatively at first and then quite gloriously.


We followed the old corpse road around and up towards Ling Fell, looking for a lunch spot. It was mild and warm enough that we felt the need to find a spot with a cooling breeze.


Carrying on to the summit of Ling Fell – another exceedingly fine small hill – it was clear this was a merely a short break in the wet weather and the dark clouds began to gather around us again.


Skiddaw vanished back into the gloom.


The last of the days sunshine on Ling Fell.


Feeling pleased with our luck having been on Ling Fell for the best weather of the day we set off back along the lanes and fields to the Guest House.


The gloom got darker and the clouds lower as we got back and just as we reached the cars the heavy rains came again. Still considering a pretty poor start and forecast a really great days walking on the lesser known fells.


We bid farewell to all our friends as we head off for places as far apart as Aberdeen and Hereford. A cracking weekend to finish off the warmer seasons. Winter was coming – well a very wet autumn anyway.


12 responses to “Sale Fell and Ling Fell

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  1. Really good fells these two, I loved Sale Fell for the views over Bassenthwaite especially. They tend to get used for poor weather day walks and done separately as I did, but linking them together gives them a better walk by the looks of things


  2. I have never been to these two ones. The view over Bassenthwaite is very nice.


  3. I bagged Sale Fell one evening after dropping off Little S at a Cub camp in a very midgey Borrowdale. The views down Bassenthwaite are really special. There were quite a few people up there considering it was quite late and the paths looked well used – I assume that it’s quite popular with locals. Glad to see that you had a spell of nice weather, whilst we made our escape home.


  4. Just love your photography on this moody day.


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