The Reliable Go To…..   6 comments

When faced with an opportunity for a short walk on a showery day, the Sugar Loaf always fits the bill.


This is such a long way back in time that I only have the vaguest recollection of the day so I have to rely on the photographs


Clearly heavy showers were in abundance judging by said photos.


I don’t recall getting wet though.


Clearly August though judging by the lush green of the bracken.


And the purple of the blooming heather.


I think it was a warm and sultry day (TJS rarely wears shorts so it can’t have been cold)


And TBF is down to T-shirt as further evidence of warm weather.


A fine summit I’ve climbed many times and will no doubt continue to treat it as one of my “go-to” walks.


Expansive views over to the Forest of Dean.


Anf a fine viewpoint for Ysgyryd Fawr


Probably a great walk I enjoyed!


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6 responses to “The Reliable Go To…..

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  1. I seem to have developed a twitch seeing all that bracken again. Glad to see the back of it!! Always good to have a default walk. One where you can’t decide what to do or where to go, but you know no matter how many times you’ve been, you will still enjoy it.


    • We have a few of these sorts of walks that I do many times when I can’t be bothered researching somewhere different. Considering it’s relatively small stature the Sugar Loaf always feels like a proper mountain. If only I could remember more about this day!

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  2. We have several of these walks – regularly done! 😀


  3. Oh no – you can’t start forgetting things – you’ve always seemingly remembered everything in ridiculous detail. I swear, half the mountains I’ve climbed I only have any hope of knowing about them because you remember.
    I do feel like my blog has improved my memory – making an effort to write things down seems to make them stick a bit better, and of course, there’s the written record to refer back to. But that only works if I have a good stock of photos to remind me when I write, and I don’t leave it several months before I write. Oops.


    • I’m good at remembering when I have people with me on new routes but when I’m repeating a walk with the same people they start to blur into one. If I didn’t have photos I’m pretty certain I’d have completely forgotten this walk. Like you now I’ve written it down I’ll remember but the key point is will I be remembering the walk itself or just the blog version of it. Is the blog a meta-walk? Discuss 🙂


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