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To steal some words from the current political debate. Its time to stop talking about Europe and focus on an ambitious domestic agenda. Apologies for the spurious HTML code that WordPress have kindly inserted. Took me several attempts just to convince it to post what I’d actually written. Hopefully it’s a one off glitch.

I’m further behind with the blog than I think I ever have been. 3 months and several days out, weekends and week long trips.

Lets kick off with a short walk around Blorenge, the large mass the overlooks Abergavenney.


A grey and humid day so this walk has the advantage of high start and very little climbing as well as nice combination of interesting stuff and expansive views.//


The Black Hole or Pwll Ddu to give its welsh name.//


And here things went a little awry. I’ve done this walk over grassy fields and paths in early spring. In Autumn, Bracken is king and it had taken over. It was passable but no place for shorts with nettles hiding at calf height. It was only about 200 yards of this tangle but it did put something of a damper on the day.//


Things improve for the walk around Gilwern Hill with its disused quarries and strange artificial ridges.//


Perched above the Usk Valley its a fine stroll – and no bracken.//


Past the old workings and water features that powered the mines and quarries.//


We stopped for lunch and TBF decided she’s had enough with a bad shoulder.//


Me and TJS carried on with the walk around the edges of Blorenge and back over the summit. More superb views over Abergavenny and Ysgyryd Fawr.//


Storms were nearby that seemed to creep ever closer but never quite reached us.//


Finishing off by meeting up with TBF at the car by the Pen Fford Goch Pond.//


Top walk – just avoid the bits above the quarry in summer!


17 responses to “Amongst the Bracken

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  1. Nice to see the English / Welsh countryside again. Shame about the nettles but the views wonderful.


  2. Some fine views to be seen. Gladly we know that the bracken is no more at this time of year, but its nice to look back at times when it wasn’t raining all the time!!


  3. Glad I’m not the only one who’s 3 months behind on their blog. 🙂 Another beautiful ramble in your country’s lovely green hills.


  4. A mere three months….pah! Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on how you look it at it, between the weather and other commitments, I probably don’t have all that much to write about since the summer!
    This looks like a good outing, aside from the undergrowth – I’ve even had the same problem on Arnside Knott – it’s surprising what’ll grow under bracken – blackthorn and brambles as well as nettles I’ve found.


    • Bracken is horrid stuff and it cloaks the mountains down here in August to the extent that low level walking is pretty much a non-starter. This wasn’t that bad and TBF got a new set of walking poles from the experience (I lost a section hacking through it!) 🙂

      I don’t think you ever wrote up your summer trip did you or the week in Towyn – come on, get the blog going again!


      • Blimey – pole stealing vegetation, that’s a new one on me!
        As the blog has drifted further and further behind, it’s got progressively more daunting contemplating trying to catch up. No doubt I’ll make an effort some time soon – I just seem to be ridiculously busy at the moment.


  5. Another brackenfest!. Good views and pictures under the dull skies though.


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