Living the Monaco and Monte Carlo Dream   14 comments

One more day out before me move on to the last part of the trip. Another rather enjoyable if slow bus journey to Monaco.


More wonderful views of the coastline


After a supermarket inspired lunch (Monaco is pricey) we set off to explore, initially up to the Old Town with fine views across this city and country in miniature.


Whether its common to Monaco due to the very steep cliffs that back the city, it was, like my last visit, overcast, humid and very hot. That last visit was when TBF was pregnant with TJS and it reminded just how hardy she was to walk around with all that extra load. We did some fairly strenuous activity on that trip.


The old town is actually rather nice, lots of narrow streets, interesting buildings – and money!


At the entrance is the Place du Palais and Le Palais des Princes de Monaco. Considering the wealth it’s a quite an understated affair.


Saint Nicholas Cathedral.


The Palace of Justice


And the Musée Océanographique de Monaco, a very grand building indeed for what is in essence an Aquarium.


Monaco is in reality, largely just an urban sprawl of very expensive apartment buildings and shops. It doesn’t have a beach of any sort but what it does have is lots of spare cash. Time to visit its most affluent and famous sights in Monte Carlo.


It sits on the opposite side of the harbour to the old town and we took advantage of the boat bus to cross the harbour and save a bit of a walk.


As with all things here it cost a bit more than it should but it was enjoyable if brief.


I’d been told to watch out for all the expensive yachts and cruisers in the harbour but we saw more impressive craft in the harbour in Nice.


While looking for the lift up to the Casino we spotted our first luxury sports car sat outside the hotel at the exit from the famous road tunnel used in the Monaco Grand Prix.


Onwards into the heart of all that money, the Parc du Casino and all that surrounds it. This is the famous Casino and they let you in to the lobby for a peek inside.


Very ostentatious as you can see.


But it was the parking area outside where the real money was. Every space was filled with luxury sports cars.


I’m no petrol-head but I have an idea of how much these things cost and I reckon there was a couple of million quids worth parked up in the few spaces around the square. First place where I’ve looked at a Porsche and thought “cheap tat”.


This was the one I liked the looked of but possibly a little impractical as a family car.


We found the whole experience fascinating, just people watching. We saw several middle-aged businessmen with their gorgeous trophy wives on show.


In fact the Parc is rather nice in an ornate sort of way


And a short walk down is the famous view of the hairpin bend on the Monaco GP circuit. Lewis Hamilton’s car for next season may see him struggle to retain the driver’s championship.


For any of you visiting Monaco a word of warning on Mobile Communications. It’s not included in the roaming agreements in Europe so data and voice are chargeable. We racked up a few quid in charges before we realised. Another interesting example of control taken back after we leave the EU as it will drop us out of all roaming agreements and unlimited free use of data (within what you pay in the UK) while travelling in Europe will be a thing of the past.


And that was enough for one day. We hopped on a train back to Nice, spent another day exploring the coast before heading off to our final stop of another epic trip.


14 responses to “Living the Monaco and Monte Carlo Dream

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  1. Definitely worth a day to see how the ‘rich’ live. Did you spot any celebrities? I walked into the casino with Dustin Hoffman, many years ago.


  2. Being a bit of a petrol head, heading to Monaco was all about the track. We did the castle, casino square the same as you. But in reality I was there to walk the track, Lowes hairpin was brilliant to look down on and then the walk through the tunnel and out towards the swimming pool was very good. As you say not a place to eat out as we did the supermarket lunch and water, but its a place to go and see for sure.


  3. Hello.

    I love especially your power car pics. Thank you.

    Have a good day!


  4. Spot the millionaire


  5. All those flash cars – Ben would have been in his element (he’s a bit obsessed). I’m sure I recognise the casino – did it feature in one of the more recent Bond films? You didn’t fancy a flutter on the gaming tables then?


    • I think its featured in several Bond and many other films but it was the Casino in the recent remake of “Casino Royale”. It’s pretty much instantly recognisable. Even though I’m not much a car fan even I could appreciate these beauties. You can just enter the casino for free for a gamble but you have to be over 18 and be smartly dressed (rules me out then). In Vegas providing you are gambling they will bring you free drinks to encourage you to stay and lose money


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