Amsterdam Parting Thoughts   4 comments

Or put another way, our last day when it rained a bit and we didn’t do much.


The city does at least have a windmill, the De Gooyer so an excuse to hop on a tram and take a look. I think its now part of the local brewery.


Not much else to detain us in the eastern end of the city. Pleasant enough in a residential sort of way but nothing more. We hopped on a bus back to town. It took us past the Nemo Science Museum, the sort of thing the kids loved when they were younger but they are more serious and grown up these days. It had a rooftop terrace that I assumed you’d need to pay the entrance fee to ascend but in fact it was free to access.


We hopped off the bus a stop early and walked back along the waterfront to take a look.


There waterfront was actually rather nice in a modern office complex sort of way. We were starting lose the sun now though and the clouds were building for the promised afternoon rain. Considering we could have had cold and wet weather typical in northern Europe we’d done really well for sunshine so no complaints.


The Nemo Centre is a distinctly odd building, perhaps as you’d expect for a science centre.


The views from the rooftop were pretty good through and there were interesting water features to play with


A panorama of the Amsterdam Skyline from the top


After a brief stay we headed back down and across into the city.


The Montelbaanstoren Tower which I quite liked.


And the Waag, an old fortified gatehouse that’s now a mix of museums and coffee shops.


One of Amsterdam’s narrowest houses (this one slightly more respectable than the other one we found which housed a shop selling products for the more discerning buyer!)


And one last final shot of the canal near our apartment (after another feast at the Albert Cuyp Market and before the rain set in).


A fine start to our trip and another favourite city to add to the list. A new city and new country to try out the next day.


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4 responses to “Amsterdam Parting Thoughts

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  1. Glad you got your fill before the rain came. So much of this post reminded me of what we had done in Harlem but on a smaller scale.


    • If we’d had another day or if this day had promised better weather we would gone to Haarlem as it looked nice when we went through on the train. Everyone said its like Amsterdam, only smaller and less touristy

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  2. We only visited Haarlem very briefly, but I came away with a very favourable impression.



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