Evening Walk – Bryn Arw   16 comments

I was hoping to get out and do more after-work walks this year. A promising start back in early May but since then the weather has been pretty poor and the few days when there has been sunshine hasn’t fallen right.


Still this one was a good one and my default walk of a circuit of the small and perfectly formed Bryn Arw.


Its close to my journey home, easy to park and normally deserted, especially late on a weekday evening.


A beautiful clear and warm evening, superb views over Ysgyryd Fawr and the surrounding pastoral landscape.


And across to the Black Mountains and Brecon Beacons.


A stop on the top for a cuppa and snack is an essential part of the experience.


Timing things perfectly for that clarity of light you get as the sun sinks lower.


I love this view on a day like this, beguiling contrast of colour.


And a field of bluebells to wish me on my way back to the car and home, the trials of a day at the office banished to the back of my mind.


16 responses to “Evening Walk – Bryn Arw

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  1. I might steal that first paragraph when I get around to writing up my couple of post-work walks from this summer so far, since it exactly summarises my own experience this year. The weather’s been a bit shocking after last year’s splendid spring/early summer hasn’t it? Good to get out when you can though and this looks like a good round.


    • Particularly apt thought process considering the appalling weather of the last 24 hours!
      I have about half a dozen obvious routes for a short walk on my way home from Bristol but I regularly come back to this one. It will be in the book when we get around to writing/publishing it and becoming rich and famous……


  2. The advantages of early evening hikes – wonderful light! I need to incorporate a few after-work hikes myself.


    • I love doing a walk after work but it needs me to check weather forecasts and remember to put my stuff in the car. Need to be more vigilant although the weather in the UK is appalling at the moment 😦


  3. What a brilliant afternoon for walking. We landed in Dublin at midday to 11C and rain – this is summer? The walk around the parkland opposite our hotel for the night has been cancelled. Now snuggling up in bed to recover from our 24 hour flight. Off to Galway and relatives tomorrow.


    • The weather in the UK is truly grim at the moment but supposed to improve next week (talk of hot weather no less). Sadly the only predictable thing about the British weather is its unpredictability! 🙂


  4. Grand clear photos again, reminding me of the brackenfest on Bryn Arw.
    Well it’s June already with the solstice just around the corner and we are draining off our waterproofs over the bath and seriously thinking of turning on the heating…


    • Oh yes, the bracken down here is a nightmare from about mid-July onwards. Black Mountains in particular are pretty much a no go area from then until September. Weather is truly awful at the moment. My summit camps and wild swims of last year seem a very distant memory.


  5. You really do live in a beautiful area. I like that mix of summits rising from wooded rural valleys and farmland.


    • On a warm early summers evening its pretty much a perfect walk. I love the trees and farmland views as well. I like my mountains but sometimes a more pastoral scene is better


  6. All this miserable talk of poor weather, not for me my team won the Champions League and the weather on cloud 9 is very nice!!! Seriously I’ve been getting a soaking lately down here and a few walks without a camera have been had. I’ve got a eye on the weekend of the 21st for a wild camp. Fingers crossed!!


    • I’ve been waiting for a smug comment from you about the footy! 🙂 Congratulations and good to see we have a new rivalry in place and that the red half of Manchester are trailing in our wake!
      We got a half decent day in last Sunday between the rain but its been grim for a couple of weeks now. I was hoping to get out for a wild camp this weekend but the weather has put paid to that. Hope you get out next weekend.

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      • Utd are a couple of years behind us both at the moment. So I’ll enjoy it whilst I can!! Been watching the weather this week and they keep forecasting dry weather and then on the day we get very heavy showers that steam through, making it difficult to plan walks.


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