Return to High Vinnalls   7 comments

Short post and a few photos from a return visit to High Vinnalls near Ludlow


My dad hasn’t been well and I went over with TJS to visit him while he was in hospital. He’s back at home now but waiting for a return for an operation to sort out some long standing problems.


On the way home we met with TBF and her sister for a short walk. In truth it was a cloudy, cold and grey late afternoon with the threat of showers everywhere. We stayed dry but the walk was a brisk one and I didn’t take many photos.


It was still great to get out on this very fine hill that my recent obsession with Marilyns helped me discover.


Likely this one will become a regular favourite in years to come.


A longer post with a lot more photos from my walk last year is here


7 responses to “Return to High Vinnalls

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  1. Sorry about your dad – hope he recovers and feels better. Good to see you out and about with your family!


  2. Sorry to hear about your dad. I hope all is soon well with him.
    This hill looks to have really extensive views – I can see why it would become a new favourite.


    • Thanks Mate
      Considering its a hill I never even knew was there (its next to the A49 where I drive regularly) the views are very far reaching indeed. Brecon Beacons, Malverns, Shropshire, Marches and mid-Wales


  3. Quite a contrast from autumn to spring but the clouds still hovered. Last night we watched Christopher Timothy and Peter Davison driving from Bristol to Snowden. I would love to be able to take that drive.


    • I live right in the middle of that journey so I travel through all the time – its a stunning part of the world and you can see most of it from this hill 🙂


  4. Wow! Lucky you, but I do know you appreciate where you live.

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