Easter Sun – Silverdale (and around) Antics   10 comments

More weather madness as a bitterly cold day in Brecon Beacons was followed a week later by record breaking hot weather at Easter. We’d timed this to perfection with another visit the the Hotel Silverdale and our top notch friends who seem to tolerate our repeated visits with very good grace.


We packed in a lot over the four days around this rather beautiful and unspoilt corner of Lancashire.


An early morning walk to the shop to stock up on provisions via the The Cove and The Lots.


After lunch (or before maybe) a cycling trip to Trowbarrow Quarry.


I’d rather foolishly committed to a mountain bike ride around the many bumps, jumps and drops in the quarry with the Dangerous Brothers. They’d been reminding me for weeks not to forget to bring my bike seemingly concerned that I would chicken out (which was my plan all along).


I couldn’t let them down and did indeed have a go at most of the stuff they peer-pressured me into (although I decided not to try any of the jumps on the basis I’m far too heavy!)


I admit it was enormous fun and other than one wobble on a very steep drop that had me bouncing through tree branches I survived unscathed. As you can see above they even convinced their dad to give it a go!


Its a stunning spot on a clear sunny day and we all enjoyed a laze around as well as some more frantic two wheeled activity. I was actually a little disappointed that we never found time to head up there again.


We also found time to play with a boomerang in the fields behind the house.


Much harder than it looks actually.


Only a couple of attempts came close to coming back to the thrower. Doesn’t matter as we had enormous fun trying.


We took a walk up to Arnside Knott one morning. A fine small hill (England’s smallest Marilyn in case you were interested)


A gloriously hot and sunny day that had us searching for the shade to keep cool.


Superb views across the Kent estuary


And back via Arnside Tower.


An afternoon trip to sunbathe and swim at Levens Deer Park.


The water was startlingly cold but refreshing. I think its the earliest in the year I’ve ever been fresh water swimming.


The DBs of course were back in their element jumping of the banks (although as an honorary DB I joined in as well)


The evening on the patio was a festival of BBQ meat (and some Vegan stuff for those that way inclined) and a roaring fire burning the remains of the kids old swings.


And no trip here is complete without the classic walk around the coast to Arnside and back over Arnside Knott.


Arnside, packed with visitors, no seats in the cafe so an alfresco and delicious hot pie on the pier was a more than adequate compensation.


More views from Arnside Knott to finish off a superb weekend in the sunshine with good company, loads of activities and fine selection of food.


Big thanks to the Silverdale massive for taking care of us and making it into a wonderful mini-holiday.


10 responses to “Easter Sun – Silverdale (and around) Antics

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  1. Seems very odd that we had that blast of hot weather a few weeks ago, and I see now The Lakes had snow earlier this week and even here in Devon we had hailstones today and it is still pretty cold now


  2. Blimey – we did pack a lot in, and you haven’t even got to the best bit yet! You seem to have caught me doing Tai-Chi or something in that photo from the Lots, and me and the bike just before it gave up under the strain! I might have to wear that old work shirt more often – much more fetching than the vests anyway. When we discussed return visits at the weekend, we forgot about the possibility of a wild-camping weekend – I’m hoping we can find a mutually acceptable date. Also – there’s a possibility that Steve will be over in the summer for something which may interest you – I’ll mail you.


    • Was.there another good day? 😎
      Absolutely great weekend, felt like a proper holiday. Be well up for a wild camping trip if we can find a weekend. I’ll send out a mail to what we can do. Same if we can arrange a visit when Steve is over.


  3. Wow, what a fabulous weekend with the best of friends!
    I can see, that I will just have to wait and see what the July weather will bring.

    In photo 8, I was surprised tnat the DB’s were not on top of the boulder!

    Glad you included the bluebells.


  4. Great stuff. These days that’s my favourite type of walk. Great variety of landscapes and interest but you don’t have to climb 3000 feet just to come back down again, almost immediately. Nowadays, I feel cheated somewhat expending huge amounts of energy going up the higher summits in anything other than fine conditions. Flat is the new ‘high’ for me.


    Blue Sky Scotland
    • Good way to look at things! I think it all stems from that macho thing when we were younger where the higher you climb and the more you climb, the better you were. Takes a bit learning to realise that the whole point is outdoor exercise that maintains interest. Part of that is ascending summits on good days for expansive views but equally a low level walk with lots of interesting “stuff” is just as rewarding.


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