The Welsh Carneddau (The Other Ones!)   14 comments

Much as I like the more famous Carneddau in Snowdonia they are long way to drive for day out. I’ve discovered there are a bonus range of Carneddau near Builth Wales in darkest mid-Wales. Another Marylin to bag as well, what was I waiting for.


It was a wild, windy and stormy looking day when I set out but the current outlook was sunny.


Looks like Pat hasn’t been keeping up the repayments on his van.


Its an area I’ve not walked before so I was enjoying some new vistas of the upper Wye Valley.


Once on top the wind was ferocious but it was a stunning area dotted with small outcrops and rounded summits with plenty of paths. Easy going and peaceful if you ignored the howling wind.


Most of the area is access land but one of the summits with a Trig pillar was outside it. There were gates and paths to reach it but I saved it for another day.


This was the most substantial cairn I found but not the highest point.


That was the one behind with was marked by a cairn with stones in single figures!


The area was clearly heavily used in ancient times with small hill forts and ditches everywhere.


Expansive views across to mid Wales, Elan Valley and beyond.


A walk around here to take in every bump and crag would be very fulfilling on a warms summers day but on a cold windy winter one, I settled for a shorter route.


The various summits and valleys were stunning and it was pleasure too explore them, added to by the fact that I was the only person there. I’m guessing visitors are rare.


Looking back the way I came down.


I dropped back down to the road and decided I had time to fit in Aberedw hill as well (another new Marylin). After a brief stop for lunch I pressed on up the steep slopes onto the expansive plateau. I stopped for a breather, turned around and saw this coming my way!


The walk to the top of Aberedw Hill was in a mix of heavy hail and snow showers for a good hour. I was never in the cloud though so navigation was easy.


I was surprised to look down and see that I was plastered in wet snow! As quickly as the bad weather arrived, it was gone and the sun appeared again.


The final walk along the fields and green lanes was splendid in the low afternoon sunlight.


As I reached the car the weather was much as I’d started. A walk of contrasts between different mountains and very different weather. Hills well worth seeking out if you prefer solitude over big mountains. A great day.


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14 responses to “The Welsh Carneddau (The Other Ones!)

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  1. Looks rather nice!


  2. Some great distance views there for hills around 400 metres up. Great walk


    • They do seem to have sense of height far greater than reality – not sure why but whatever they are cracking little hills. The second range are more esoteric and not quite as dramatic but that might have been down to the fact the weather was a bit grim while I was on top

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  3. Lovely sharp pictures. Now that’s a splendid area for connoiseurs of seclusion, virtually guaranteed in fact. One outstanding memory of it is seeing farmers out on horseback.


    • Never saw the horseback farmers! Cowboys in Wales, who’d have thought it 🙂
      Now I come to think of it, I think I saw your post about a backpack trip through here which was probably the real prompt to look at the area on the map as a possible walk target. Well worth it however I came up with the idea


  4. Looks like a fascinating area to explore: your Marilyn bagging is seeing you explore the parts other bloggers don’t reach! Great mean and moody photos here. On a technical note: when I add a map to a post and then put a link on Faceache, the map always appears as the image with the link. Have you found a crafty way around that, or just not experience that problem?


    • I’ve had a pretty good success rate so far. A couple of fairly ordinary hills but lots a new really good ones that I’m not sure I’d have ever come across without the list.
      Yep, I have the problem with the maps as well. It doesn’t happen every time but for some reason FB does seem to like the map files. I’m guessing this i because the maps is a JPEG file directly dropped into WordPress whereas the photos are linked from Flickr. Easy way around it. Publish the post without the map, share it on FB (for me it normally picks the final photo unless there is text after it when sometimes its doesn’t include a photo at all), then go back and edit the post and add the map after the FB share is done. That seems to work for me – most of the time!


      • Ah! Simple but very cunning. If Facebook decides I’m not a dodgy character and lets my post links again, I shall adopt that approach.


        • The FB share from WordPress is really unstable these days, it often does strange things and I often have to resort to just creating a normal post, add the link, add a photo and the first few lines of text from the post. Always have to keep telling myself that both FB and WordPress are free so can’t grumble too much.


  5. Perfect lower hills for a wild day and solitude often adds to the enjoyment, knowing not many visitors know about it.


    Blue Sky Scotland
    • I like to walk with others most of the time. A day out in the hills with friends is a great shared experience and chance to catch up with like minded souls. Sometimes though its nice to be alone with your own thoughts and have the feeling you have the hills to yourselves.


  6. That looks nice


    Brenda-Dawn Linney

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