Skiing in a Winter Wonderland   18 comments


Just in case any of you are pining for a taste of winter, deep snow and blue skies let me fix that for you. A few photos and tales my my ski trip to the French Alps a few weeks back with some gratuitous food and beer pictures thrown in.

This was the view from the balcony on our second full morning.


Took a while to reach this point after some travel hassle. We do this same trip every year and its normally gone without a hitch. This year we all faced delays and cancellations and losses. Me and THO had our outbound flight cancelled (ironically due to snow in the UK) and had to fly out the next day from a different airport (that flight itself was over an hour late). MM had his flight from Copenhagen cancelled and UF only just made it. Instead of all arriving in Geneva at the same time on Friday we arrived in 3 stages across 24 hours adding to the grief with transfers and car hire. And as final gesture EasyJet and its partners lost UFs bags for a few days!


Despite all this we only lost one rather foggy day of skiing and the rest of the week was a cracker. Fresh, deep snow and abundant blue skies, cold enough to keep the snow light and fluffy, not so cold as to be unpleasant.


Magnificent conditions and views.


And the company of like minded souls (although this is MM and he’s a bit mad!)


Probably the best day over in the quiet far reaches of Courcheval 1650.


Fabulous weather and some awesome untracked powder runs.


Skiing is energetic and much intake of food is required.


Haven’t really got the hang of selfies and the ability to smile at the camera – I was happy, honest.


Beer is not essential but it would be rude not to.


After lunch we took on the off piste route down into the Vallee D’Arval. Its down the valley to the snow covered lake in the photo below.


Amazing route away from the lifts and more deep untracked powder to play in.


Looking back at our own tracks


THO had done this before and was a little disingenuous is stating there was a “bit of flat stuff to exit the valley”. For that read a couple of miles of skating and walking in the sunshine. It was well worth it though!


An evening shot while on our way to do the shopping.


Shopping is a tedious activity at the best of times. We’ve discovered the best way to dull the pain is with a beer in a very friendly and convivial bar around the corner from the supermarket. We went shopping quite often.


Look closely at the photos below and you can see the zip wire cables that cross well over 1,000 feet above the valley.


Its been here a few years but this is the first time I’ve seen it in use. Here’s someone giving it a go, not sure I’d want to!


We’ve had a few leans snow years but this year was superb. Its rare to see the area looking this white.


Evening shot of the Aiguille de Fruit from the balcony.


Not every day was blue sky.


More off-piste fun off the back of Mont Vallon. Utterly horrid at the top, superb at the bottom.


Off-piste skiing is hard work, more food was required. My second favourite eating place this one at Cafe del Mott (don’t remember the name of the best one but it was good)


Our last night saw a superb show of pink Alpenglow from the balcony.


And one final day of skiing through to the last lift before a rather more trouble free journey home.


Superb trip with great mates. Hope I’ve not been too smug. I hear winter may be returning to the UK soon 🙂


18 responses to “Skiing in a Winter Wonderland

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  1. Chips with mayo!!!!!! What’s gone wrong there! This spoils the post for me despite all the glorious scenery! 😉


  2. Lucky bugger! Fantastic weather. Mind you, at my age it’s the meals that appeal the most:)


    • Nothing like a crisp clear winters day with snow. Eating is a major part of a skiing trip and the lunchtime stop is now an important and very carefully planned activity on each day!


  3. That looks amazing.!


    Brenda-Dawn Linney
  4. Superb scenery.
    Proper beer glasses are catching on I notice!
    Don’t you have a go-pro? Next time I feel you should be taking it on that zip-wire: it’s what the readership demands!


    • I do have a Go Pro but I’ve kind of lost interest in it – takes too much time to mess about and edit the footage. There is more than enough of my derring do activities in the archives and I’m sure no-one wants to see me look scared either on a zip wire (or on a bike with the DBs)


  5. I don’t think anyone needs to pine for winter this week 🥶


    • I stopped pining on Sunday afternoon when I got caught in a heavy snow/hail shower in mid-Wales. Hope you managed to see something of Arran on your trip – look forward to some photos/posts


      • Unfortunately I cancelled the Arran trip 😦 Not so much because I thought it was going to be rainy and cold (I could have handled that) but because I was worried about getting back Wednesday with this storm coming in. I need to back into work on Friday. I Managed a day up in the Lakes on Monday but that’s it for this week now. Arran will be rescheduled.


        • That’s a real shame – hope you can reschedule, Arran is a superb place. Also has a really good bus service for exploration and walks


          • I’m intending to try to get over in near future if I can find a gap in my work schedule.
            I was due back tomorrow. Checking CalMac app all ferries to and from Arran cancelled tomorrow and had an email from Virgin about likely train cancellations. Postponing was the right call.

            Liked by 1 person

            • Didn’t know there was another storm on the way – sensible decision not to go. The Arran Ferry is very prone to delays and cancellations in bad weather. Best of luck in arranging a new trip


  6. Wow – what views! Mountains as far as the eye can see. Love to see skiing posts from other countries. Skiing Europe is on my bucket list – someday! I did get to spend a week in Park City Utah earlier this month and that was pretty amazing. Blog post to come….


    • I’m the same only in reverse, I’d love to try skiing in the US (I’ve been to Whistler and Banff in Canada). I keep trying to convince my friends but its a long way for a week and we can’t justify 10 or 14 day trip just fro skiing with all of life’s other commitments. This week wasn’t too bad though!


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