Winter Holiday in Gran Canaria – Sunset Part 2   12 comments

Final little post from the winter sunshine trip. After a day in the mountains, me and TBF had enough time to dash up to the ridge that overlooks the town and catch the sunset.


Puerto Mogan.




It had clouded up which was bad for sunshine but great for a spectacular sunset.


The sky turned a kaleidoscope of oranges and reds as the sun went down.


Enhanced by the lights of Puerto Mogan and Taurito.


It was an interesting descent back down over the loose rocks to the road in the dark. Wonderful views over the town coming to its evening life to finish off the day and the holiday. Just a final and rather excellent Italian meal to round things off.


Another great New Year trip and another Canary island bagged and loved. I’ve said this many times but beyond the tourist spots they are stunningly beautiful each island in its won unique way. We are so, so lucky to have holidayed here the last few years and we hope to continue that for as long as we can.


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12 responses to “Winter Holiday in Gran Canaria – Sunset Part 2

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  1. A walk sponsored by Petzl, “lights for the way down”!!


  2. Lovely sunset! Enjoyed your posts about the latest fantastic trip.


  3. Like the town at night photos. Still think, from a distance at least, the hotels slanting up the hillsides look rather strange. Would like to see them in close up, side on, just to see the way they are constructed. ( thinking about loose scree and rock fall from above unless the cliffs in the photos are not as steep above some of the hotels as they look. Or maybe metal fencing up to catch any rocks that is not visible from here?


    • Always enjoy nighttime shots although needs a decent camera and a tripod to get them right. These were taken with my phone and compact and not too bad. I’ve no idea how they make these hotels safe. They volcanic terrain here is seriously loose and unstable. These sorts of resorts are near pretty but the construction styles always fascinate me.


  4. Like the town at night shots.


    Blue Sky Scotland
  5. some beautiful photos there.


    Brenda-Dawn Linney
  6. You can’t beat a good sunset and these look highly spectacular.



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