Winter Holiday in Gran Canaria – Hitting the Heights   12 comments

Our final day and this time clear of spurious religious celebrations we were armed with a picnic and headed into the mountains one last time. Me and TJS were especially keen to see the highest point and were pleased to see yet another clear sunny day.


Its a busy spot, Pico de las Nieves, but we squeezed the car in for a look around.


The views were breathtaking with El Teide, as always catching the eye.


Roque Nublo coming a close second.


The drops down into Los Calderos Altos were jaw dropping and a long walk around the rim of this was high on my list and I was a little disappointed we hadn’t managed to squeeze it in.


However TJF kindly agreed to wait in the car for an hour or so so we could fit in at least a short walk to the peak in the photo below. It does have a name on the map but its hard to read!


A short but spectacular walk through the forests to reach the rocky summit.


As with some of the other places we found, the top was sensationally exposed with huge drops to the south. What a spectacular island this is!


Happy Hikers!


This shot encapsulates everything about the island, gorges, cliffs, rock towers, forests, El Teide standing guard on the horizon.


On the way back to the car, the radar dome that crowns the summit visible. A very Spanish thing it seems, crowning summits with military stuff.


A grand walk needs a grand feast to follow so we headed off for an outdoor picnic. Despite missing the obvious picnic area we did find a fine spot next to the road to eat our goodies.


As is the case almost everywhere in Gran Canaria, the views were magnificent.


Time to return home that included a nervous search for fuel in the middle of nowhere. It gave us chance to see a couple of wonderful looking mountain villages that need a revisit when we return. In addition another fabulous viewpoint on the way to the coast, Degollada de las Veguas.


A view down to the coast and the dunes at Maspalomas (another sight we missed).


And back up the Fataga valley to the mountains. Another superb day out, just one final sunset post to come.


12 responses to “Winter Holiday in Gran Canaria – Hitting the Heights

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  1. You visit the best places!


  2. That’s the most impressive mountain scenery yet. Love the rugged cliffs and open forest look. Very primeval and unspoiled appearance.


    • At this time of year there is a very alpine feel to the air, clear and cool but a warmth from the strong sun. Its pretty much perfect for walking. It still amazes em that the image most people have of the island is beaches and hotel strips. Away from the SE corner it’s wild, remote and mountainous


  3. Love that mountain on that last photo, very impressive. Found myself zooming in on the photo looking for paths around and up it!!


    • Its called Canada de Gueco and there is a path marked around the back that then drops down into the valley to the left. On my radar now for my next trip. As we drove around we kept seeing paths heading off into the mountains that just looked so great for a hike. There are so many routes, its a wonderful place for walking although you need a car to explore fully

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  4. ‘Spurious religious celebrations’? Don’t hold back, tell us what you think! Don’t go to Bali, there’s festivals there on a seemingly daily basis. Still, a bit of no nonsense plain speaking from you and they’d probably buck their ideas up. It’s tact like that which makes me think you could be a peace envoy or somesuch. Well, if Tony Blair can do it…..
    More stunning scenery btw. I can see why you want to go back. Now, if only the locals would see sense….


    • I sum it up in 3 words, you respond with a 50+ word rant. Comparing me to Tony Blair has massively overstepped the mark!


      • 50+ word rant: my speciality! For some reason the phrase ‘spurious religious celebrations’ really tickled my funny bone. There’s something Meldrewish about it you have to admit? Obviously, I can only offer my unreserved apologies for the Tony Blair crack – that’s obviously libellous, I expect a solicitors letter, and should probably carry some sort of custodial sentence. At least I didn’t compare you to the devil incarnate, or as he’s know these days Jeremy Corbyn.


        • I liked the phrase, no objection to such events, we were just taken aback by the fact that after all the Xmas and New Year stuff there was another shutdown day that meant no fresh bread or cookies – you can see why were a bit miffed.
          Its a sad reflection on the state of today’s politics that the list of people you could have compared me to that are worse that Tony Blair is a very long one indeed!


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