Winter Holiday in Gran Canaria – Return to the West Coast   4 comments

Time for S to go home and we dropped her off at the airport with a fond farewell. We had grand plans for a picnic in the mountains but were caught out by the fact it was Epiphany – some big Catholic day in Spain and everything was shut – most importantly the bakery and supermarkets so no picnic lunch. We decided to head back to the port at Agaete as we felt sure there would be restaurants open.


The natural rock swimming pools looked rather more impressive this time as the tide was in and large waves were washing over the edge. A swim could wait as it was time for lunch.


We had an excellent seafood lunch overlooking the harbour and the Tenerife ferry comings and goings.


A stroll around the harbour followed. I really rather liked this place with its more local feel and superb clear water.


Back to the rock pools for a swim (for me anyway, no-one had brought swimming stuff and I improvised with a pair of shorts). It was wonderful sitting on the outer wall with waves washing over me.


We spent a very happy hour pithering about and watching the waves crash and surge along the lava rock channels


Its a cracking spot and one of my favourite places on the island.


We were home early enough for TBF to take a swim and for me to wander about on the now deserted beach in the late afternoon sunshine as the sun went down.


The rocks of this part of the island simply glow under a low sun. Great to wander on the beach at this time of day in winter.


We headed out to the rock shelf to watch the sunset but with less cloud around it wasn’t as good as the first time


Still pretty good though.


The boats in the harbour as the light faded.


A final view along the coast to Taurito before heading back for a quiet night in.


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4 responses to “Winter Holiday in Gran Canaria – Return to the West Coast

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  1. That’s very impressive. Big waves, coastline, mountains. Ticks all the boxes. Seem to have not noticed this post for some reason at first.


  2. Poor planning nobody else having their swimming stuff. Still, I hope you laid it on thick about just how nice it was.


    • No-one else other than me and TBF were all that keen on swimming on any of these winter trips, water is a bit chilly but massively warmer than UK waters or the French rivers we swam in


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