Winter Holiday in Gran Canaria – Sunset Part 1   12 comments

Another day of relative rest such that I can’t remember what we did in any form. I’ve reached that point where unless I have photos I have no recollection of my activities. Welcome to late middle age.


I do remember (at least my photos do) that we went for an evening stroll up to the viewing platform above the town to watch the sunset.


Some good views over the town but we still couldn’t see the setting sun.


On the way back I saw a stream of sunset light along the road and followed past the end of the road and through a rather smelly collection of bins behind the harbour.


There was a shelf of rocks above the sea that had a grandstand view of the sunset.


Clearly a well known spot, there were dozens of people there. A mix of tourists and hippies playing bongos and the like. There was a strange sweet smell in the air, no idea what it was.


With some clouds around this time the sunset was superb


El Teide was perfectly placed in silhouette.


Th sky blushed with oranges, yellows and reds.


A small boat drifted by to create some extra foreground interest.


It gets chilly at sunset even this far south so time to head back after natures show.


It was S last night so we returned to our favourite restaurant for a farewell meal (and to share a glass of Sangria).


More sunset glory to come.


Posted February 22, 2019 by surfnslide in Gran Canaria, Spain

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12 responses to “Winter Holiday in Gran Canaria – Sunset Part 1

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  1. Oh my, what superb photos! Such beautiful sunsets, amazing.


    Brenda-Dawn Linney
  2. Nice spot. Luckily it’s been very mild in the UK this winter so I’m not jealous…. And I get sweet smells out in public here as well but these days it’s just as likely to be the wide range of tobacco vaping flavours everywhere which I noticed recently on a city centre stroll. Like walking through a large confectionary factory when the office workers have a break from their desks. Very weird passing through raspberry, lime, lemon and strawberry scented clouds but not as pleasant as it sounds. Good rock platform.


    • I hate those vape things, the sickly smell is almost as bad as the cigarette smoke and the volume of smoke the blow out is horrendous! I was hoping for some winter when I got back from skiing but it seems we are already well into spring. I was out yesterday in T-shirt and shorts!


  3. Some good photos there. Like the one of the people silhouetted with the mountain behind


  4. Lovely light in the first photos and great colours in the sunsets.
    “I’ve reached that point where unless I have photos I have no recollection of my activities.”. I think I’ve passed it – I find myself looking at photos and feeling quite confused sometimes. Fortunately, I find the maps the phone makes are quite a good memory jogger.
    Re the sweet smell around the hippies, did I ever tell you about the time I went to a late night double bill of ‘Easy Rider’ and a concert film of Jimi Hendrix (Woodstock perhaps?). We could hardly seen the screen the room was so smokey.



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