Winter Holiday in Gran Canaria – Local Walk Part 2   12 comments

Another day of rest, another morning on the beach, restless feet and a need for a walk. This time I convinced TBF and S to join us on our local walk. Not sure they were all that impressed with my steep scramble to the road to cut the corner off.


A quick visit to the closed road before heading back up onto the ridge.


This time we followed the shallow valley all the way to its head to reveal a different aspect to the walk.


The clouds had rolled in across the mountains creating some dramatic vistas.


We were much further inland along the ridge, a view down over the resort of Taurito next door.


The ridge was superb, sheer drop offs on both sides and narrowing to dramatic crest at the far end.


One of the few short stretches where the coastal motorway pops out from its maze of underground tunnels.


We watched the sunset from the ridge this time rather than at the end where it overlooks the sea.


The golden glow on the red rocks was spell-binding. A wonderful spot to sit and watch the day end.


Withe more clouds this time the sunset was more dramatic but still not as good as others we’ve sen on previous trips to the Canaries.


It was pretty dark on the walk down, care was required on the loose ground but worth it for the nighttime views over the resort.


A walk I could happily do every day to watch the sunset.


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12 responses to “Winter Holiday in Gran Canaria – Local Walk Part 2

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  1. Not much of a warm up for that walk, straight up the hillside!!!


  2. I don’t blame TBF and S for being unimpressed with the 1st leg of this sunset ‘stroll’ but definitely worth it. Your golden orb dropping behind the horizon is brilliant.

    Their motorway system is very impressive. Our road planners need to visit pronto.


    • I always like the shots zooming in on the sun as it sets – advantages of digital cameras with a screen. The motorway was amazing, more in tunnels than out on this stretch of coast although essential as the old roads are so dangerous and prone to closure that these resorts would be pretty much cut off without it.


  3. Parts of that resort look like the work camps Stalin would build, (rows of identical concrete apartments running up bleak hillsides) but the landscape is very impressive.
    Some of the buildings remind me of UK deck access estates like Parkhill in Sheffield or Quarryhill in Leeds. Nice to see it still around elsewhere in the world as we’ve lost ours. Having said that I love those sort of places.


    • I don’t mind the hotels that seem to climb the hillsides, not exactly in keeping but I can see the architectural challenge in building them. What I don’t like are the huge endless sprawls of untidiness that plagues some resorts although I appreciate the need to generate income from what resources they have, namely beaches. The fact that its all concentrated into one strip also means the rest of the island is pretty unspoilt as well.


  4. I can see why you’d want to repeat that walk. Beautiful views.


  5. Some wonderful photos there. Spectacular scenery.


    Brenda-Dawn Linney

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