Winter Holiday in Gran Canaria – Day out to the West Coast   10 comments

After a day off – sort of – it was time for more exploration. A day trip to the spectacular West coast was in order on a stunning clear blue sky day. The drive took us along another series of mountain roads to the Degollada de Tasarte where the views were stunning.


We headed to the beach at Playa de La Aldea. The approach through the untidy town and scrubby land behind looked unpromising but when we parked up it was a superb spot.


A small peaceful village with a long pebble beach, backed by spectacular mountains and framed by a deep crystal clear sea.


We had a wander along the beach and across the to the harbour in the warm sunshine, enjoying the superb views and the peaceful ambience of this little known and remote corner of the island.


We watched a local fisherman land his catch of – well – fish.


Lunch out was the order of the day and a very fine one it was too. A small friendly little restaurant that did fine seafood and one of the largest plates of fried chicken I’ve ever seen.


Onwards and upwards to one the most sensational roads I’ve ever driven. We parked up at the Mirador del Balcon where the view along the coast to these symmetrically aligned peaks was jaw dropping.


The road climbed higher but was closed to through traffic due to subsidence. If you look closely in the photo below you can see just about make out the road clinging precariously, some would say insanely, to the cliffs. I’m not sure I’d have wanted to drive it even if it was open.


Tenerife and El Teide floating above the haze.


This was as far as we could go but it was well worth the out and back detour.


On with the tour, through the longest road tunnel in the Canaries to get around the closed section and along another breathtaking and scary section of road forced across seemingly sheer cliffs. To the relative peace and quiet of Agaete and Puerto de las Nieves. The views back along the coast were just as magnificent.


We were here to look at the pools of Las Salinas, semi-natural rock pools refreshed by the tide.


Me and TBF took a swim and it was wonderful in the cold clear water under a warm sun. The views were ok as well.


Not a bad place to have a holiday home.


After enjoying a swim and a gentle laze in the sun we headed back to the harbour to watch the Tenerife ferries and grab an ice cream.


Me and TJS took a stroll along the harbour wall while the others scoffed.


A glorious afternoon light turned everything golden and I decided I liked this place very much. None of the tourist trappings just a handful of small restaurants and shops and very quiet out of season.


The water looked very inviting for a swim although very hard on the feet.


I wanted to spend more time here – so we did a few days later on an unplanned visit.


A fine day out exploring a completely different and quite stunning side to the island. We headed back the long way around the other 3/4 of the island by motorway. It says much for the winding roads on the coast we’d driven through that it took longer to drive the 1/4 in the morning than the 3/4 on the way home!



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  1. Stunning scenery. I like places that aren’t overrun by tourists. I think you found the perfect vacation spot.


  2. Those cliffs are mind blowing, how steep are those mountains plunging down into the sea


  3. Mind blowing scarey driving but with sensationally dramatic scenery and jagged peaks, on a blue sky day and few tourists, sounds pretty perfect to me.


  4. Quite sensational, all those rock formations. Looks spectacular. Looks as if there is some swimming to be there too!


    Brenda-Dawn Linney
    • The water on this side was amazingly clear as it is all around the islands. I’m guessing its because there are no rivers to speak of so no sediment or silt dumped into the ocean. Its a bit cold though being the Atlantic!


  5. You took a day off from your holiday? Eh? Stunning scenery, absolutely amazing. Are there paths in those hills?


    • There is a really good network of paths all across the island although most of the summits are pretty hard to get to , lots of rock, loose stuff and eye-popping exposure but the walking is some of the best I’ve done in a while. The weather is so good at New Year as its really clear and warm.

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